Monday, May 2, 2016

Why don't I wear Loℓιтα more often?

The topics for the Lolita challenge are still going strong! The random number generator has selected challenge topic 8, 'What don't I wear Lolita more often?'

I have asked myself this very question many times, especially recently and it is a question many Lolita's ponder during the course of their fashion life.
Once you begin to build your wardrobe the desire to wear Lolita more often only grows larger, at least in my opinion. It is only a nature progression that one would want to wear Lolita style clothes more often. Unfortunately there are numerous factors that can occur in a Lolita's life that cause certain complications to inhibit that wish. Here are my five.

​Ah yes, work. Now that I am out of school I have even less opportunity to wear Lolita. I work full-time during the week and therefore I am only able to wear Lolita on weekends. While my current position does not have a strict dress code, my "princess fashion" isn't entirely appropriate outside of Halloween. On the plus side I did make quite an impression and earned the nickname "Princess Callista" after our costume party! Score.
​Why Lolita is a beautiful and adorable fashion it is extremely impractical. From the requirement of multi-layers to bloomers and petticoats the 21st century is not particularly kind to a Lolita's needs. In the heat layer requirements are less than ideal. When I meet up with my friends to grab a bite to eat downtown many of the restaurants are not petti-friendly and, when we use public transportation, the same inconvenience applies. Still I absolutely love the elegance and extravagance that the Lolita fashion style inspires!

Time Consuming
Lolita is an arduous task. First you plan your coordinate. What wig, shoes, tights/socks, blouse, dress and accessories do you want to wear? You dress in your bloomer and petticoat essentials before the planned coordinate even is adorned. Next is make-up. After all, one must be presentable. By the time your transformation is complete you have invested real time into the consideration of your look. Often I opt for something less complicated to wear during my downtime in order to turn my attentions to my other hobbies.When I am able to find the time to dress in Lolita the experience is that much more of an award.

Wardrobe Limitations
It's a fact -- I have a limited Lolita wardrobe. While I have enough for a full week of coordinates, that is where my versatility ends. Additionally my wardrobe is not adequately stocked for certain types of weather. Currently in my part of the world it is Winter. My severe lack of any Lolita style boots or coat limit my ability to wear Lolita comfortably in cool temperatures. Thankfully this particular reason can easily be remedied with additionally wardrobe pieces and accessories!

Last, but certainly not least, is my fifth and final limitation. Illness. I don't want to bore you with the particulars but one of the variables I struggle with on a daily basis is chronic fatigue. The amount of energy required to even get dressed in the extravagance is often too much to even attempt. While this struggle is one that I will be most likely unable to conquer it is one that I will never stop attempting to.

And there you have it! What prevents you from wearing Lolita more often?

Stay Frilly~

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