Saturday, May 28, 2016

How strangers react to my Loℓιтα clothes, and how I react to their reactions.

To say that Lolita fashion is a unique fashion style is an understatement. With the current mainstream fashion trends, it is only natural that such a feminine, frilly and elaborate clothing preference would stand out. One of the reasons I love Lolita is how bold of a statement it makes, and how creative it allows me to be. Throughout my fashion journey, I have had numerous favorable and less than desired reactions to my clothes.

Here are my hard and fast rules for how I handle complete strangers and their most common reactions to my preferences.

The Cheerleader

These are some of my absolute favorite strangers. While most strangers tend to stare these strangers are the ones that go out of their way to sing your praises. For me, these have been the young lady in Books a Million that dropped brand names, the young man at the bus stop who expressed his love of my coordinate and the elderly woman that was over the moon with my whole ensemble. These strangers are completely ecstatic by your colorful and unique display! These people are engaged and want to discuss the fashion with you. Their positive outlook and enthused conversation tend to drive others to drop in and listen. Somehow these strangers completely understand the positives about my self-expression and allow my self-expression to make their day a little brighter. Interactions such as these are ones I completely treasure!

How I handle these Interactions

I politely engage these conservationists always.It is so much fun to savor these interactions! I believe that it is important to nurture positive reactions such as these, plus you never know who you will end up friends with!

The Pervert

Unfortunately, this fashion can draw the wrong type of attention. I have had some awkward instances where men cannot seem to grab the concept of this fashion being just that: a fashion. Mainly these instances involve obscene gestures and cat calls. The most recent interaction I have involved being recorded on an older man's phone without my consent. These are unfortunate effects of other people's perceptions. Additionally, there is always the person who cannot keep their hands to themselves. Whether it a curious granny that wants to feel your fabric rather than asking or a creep that wants to see if you truly do wear bloomers over your undies these people cannot resist the swish of your fabric. These are interactions you wish could be avoided.

How I handle these Interactions

I handle these types of interactions in one of two ways. If the person is not in my immediate space - I ignore it. I have found that reacting on the inappropriate behavior only caused it's prolonged existence. I try to obscure the camera or video as much as possible without drawing attention to the fact I have noticed the behavior. A simple shift in how I am seated can do wonders for a line of sight for a undesired shot. If the person is in my immediate space, such as someone running their hands over my clothes, my reaction is completely different. I let it be known that the experience is completely unacceptable. I state in a calm by the stern tone of voice that what they are doing is wrong with, "Excuse me" and "What do you think you are doing?" Onlookers have always assisted me in silently shaming the person doing the undesired action. Despite the fact the action is completely direct, the action stops almost immediately and I can get back to better things.

The Debbie Downer

Even compared to the other undesired attention the Debbie Downer might be the worst. Unlike the Pervert the Debbie Downer is loud and does not back down from a challenge. In my experience, these strangers are often young and obnoxious. These strangers taunt, shout and parade their uncalled for opinions to the world without humility, common decency, and sociable considerations. These interactions are extremely public and possibly the most difficult to ignore. The Debbie Downer can be one individual but often travel in groups.

How I handle these Interactions

It is best to completely ignore this inappropriate behavior. These strangers want to elicit a reaction. By proving a reaction it only allows for the tournament to be prolonged. Additionally, it enhances the possibility of the escalation of the situation. I completely ignore these strangers as much as humanly possible. If they try to coral around me I politely push past them and allow the banter to die down. While it is exceptionally difficult to do I refuse to react in any way and my position pays off.

The Inquisitor

These are my absolute favorite strangers. These are the people that are so overcome with intrigue and curiosity that the cannot hold back their questions. They want to know everything about the fashion! Common questions range from, "Where do you buy your clothes?" to "What does your coordinate mean?" Every piece of information you give seems to add fuel to their interest and helps to build an idea of the fashion. I adore how engaged and curious these strangers are! They are completely open to being educated about Lolita and even tend to bring in the attention of onlookers with the same curiosity.

How I handle these Interactions

I always engage with these strangers. The most time I can spend with them the better! The best part of being part of a sub-culture, in my opinion, is being able to be a positive representative of the fashion. I feel as if I am an ambassador of sorts! This one interaction will help to be a positive experience in a stranger's life. I have met some pretty interesting people. I have taken pictures with strangers like these so they can treasure our short time together! You never know, these types of strangers may end up joining the fashion themselves!

I hope this post was helpful! What types of strangers do you run into? What do you do in these types of situations? I would love to read your responses below!

Stay Frilly,

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I won a Lolita art giveaway!

One of my absolute favorite Lolita blogs on Tumblr is PeacefulWorld. This blog is run by the lovely Frederica1995. She always posts great Lolita releases, coordinates and other frilly content. In addition Frederica is an artist! Her Lolita inspired illustrations are absolutely charming. Over the summer she held a Lolita art giveaway to celebrate 500 followers. I could not resist and had to participate! Even the flicker of possibility was far too exciting to pass up.
Luckily I found myself the 2nd winner of her contest!

Now I only had to decide what character or coordinate I should send her. Finally I settled on my doughnut coordinate. In her style that print would be beyond sweet! 

I did not have to wait long for a response:
 This adorable sketch was well worth the wait for sure! 
​I cannot get over how lovely this piece is from just a simple coordinate photo.

 I cannot get over how positively adorable the details of this piece are! The classic style is charming and the intricacies of the print, frills, lace and bows help to create a completely sweet portrait. I am beyond flattered that I have been captured in such an adorable light. I will treasure this piece for years to come.

​I am still so ecstatic that I won! I strongly recommend that you follow PeacefulWorld. 
Who knows, you could be the next follower contest winner!

Stay Frilly,

Saturday, May 7, 2016

My friends that I want to convert.

​I have met many new friends in the Lolita hobby. Lolita fashion has allowed me to meet and experience many beautiful people and things in life that I would have never been able to without it!

Since Lolita has brought me so much joy it is natural that I would want to share this happiness with others. There are four specific people in my life that I would absolutely love to convert to the fashion!

Aside from the fact I want to have my significant other wear the same fashion for selfish reasons, I think Nena would be an adorable Lolita. While I would love to see her adorned in Sweet, I believe she would fit best in a Classic Lolita style. Her classic beauty, height and calm demeanor would allow for her to be a lovely addition to the Lolita community.

I have wanted to twin with Guinevere ever since we were girls (we were the only kids I know of that wore school uniforms by choice). Guin is able to pull off any fashion with flare and confidence. With her love of 50's fashion I can envision Guin very easily in Classic Lolita. The ability to twin is a bonus!

 With his natural long blond hair and dashing good looks Andrew would be an exceptional candidate as a Dandy or an Ouji! He can pull off the airs required for such a sophisticated style with ease. When I watch DeerStalker's Ouji Accessory all I can see is Andrew every time!

Roxy would make the most adorable Lolita! While she tends to wear mostly cosplay at a convention I can easily see Roxy in everything from Gothic Lolita to Sweet Lolita. She has the perfect attitude and confidence to rock whatever she adorns!

And there you have it! Those are the four people I would love to convert to the fashion.
Have you converted friends? What are your tips? Let me know below!

Stay Frilly ~

Monday, May 2, 2016

Loℓιтα Fashion in Mainstream Films?

I am a avid admirer of the horror genre. I can be swept up in a psychological thriller any day! I am particularly fond of horror films that are foreign films or have a foreign film style. Some of my favorite titles include; Ringu, El Orfanato, Don't be afraid of the Dark and The Babadook.

​I never expected to come across our subculture in mainstream films, and even less so expected to see the presence of Lolitas in horror films! The very nature of these dark and twisted fantasies seem to repel the feminine nature of the fashion and yet it seems the style has penetrated these films, even if for a only few brief exciting moments.

Most recently my girlfriend and purchased The Forest, a American supernatural horror film centered in Japan. The main plot circulates around Aokigahara Forest and the disappearance of the main character's twin sister in the mysterious sea of tress. While the majority of the film takes place at the base of Mt. Fuji in Honshu, the film introduces the main character to Japan with classic culture shock.

What would be better than some time in Tokyo?

As the main character takes a drive through the famous city she is curious about the strangeness of the city. When her taxi stops at a red light, she casually looks out the window and catches a glimpse of some Japanese street fashion. She stares intriguingly at the fashion before her eyes. I of course could not contain my excitement and clasped back a gasp. In the shot stood four young women in complete Lolita coordinates!

Copyright © The Forest Universal Studios Home Entertainment 2016, screenshot by magicalgirlme

What is extremely exciting to me is the time spent on this small interaction. You can easily see the presence of two Sweet  Lolita styles and two Gothic Lolita styles. The Sweet Lolita with the pink parasol (left) is obviously a Sweet Lolita with an appetite for Angelic Pretty. The bubble gum pink dress with a bold print, the frilled parasol, the pink rabbit and the golden crown support her sugary sweet Angelic Pretty fueled style. The Sweet Lolita (right) has more of a classic flare to her sweetness. A fashion brand such as Baby, the Stars Shine Bright would be a very good possibility for her style. The bold floral print coupled with her floral bonnet is a beautiful snapshot of a Classical Sweet Lolita look.

Copyright © The Forest Universal Studios Home Entertainment 2016, screenshot by magicalgirlme

The Gothic Lolita (left) appears to be a fan of a complete black look or Kuro Lolita. It is possible the Japanese brand she is clad in could be Moi-meme-Moitie, Mana's famous Gothic Lolita brand. When compared to the other Gothic Lolita (right) appears to be a fan of a more 'old school' Gothic Lolita style. She is clearly a fan of the old school combination of a black x white coordinate, with the primary color being black. A possible brand for her could be Alice and the Pirates or Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.

Possibly the most exciting piece of this interaction is the time in which the movies allows for this interaction between Lolitas to occur! Rather than a captured moment we really get in a few seconds of tape. Additionally the fact that the fashion is represented at all and that Gothic and Sweet Lolita styles are depicted feels complete. Another exciting piece of this is that the fashion is 'in'. Not only did they represent Lolita, but they did it with accurate representation. All of the styles are appropriate for the trends in 2016 for sure! That particular additional attention to detail positively thrills me as a Lolita participant.
The first horror film I purchased that had a glimpse of Lolita fashion was Shutter. This 2008 horror film centers around a American couple who are in Japan while the husband works as a photographer. While the female lead takes in the unfamiliar sights and sounds of the bustling city of Tokyo, she passes by two Lolitas.

Copyright © 20th Century Fox 2008, screenshot by magicalgirlme

While the shot is only a few moments the female lead is overtaken with wonder, enough to snap a photo of the girls once they have pasted. Clearly one of the Lolitas is in a Gothic style, while the other is dressed in Sweet absolutely giddy from their shopping. Both of the Lolitas appear to be a fan of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright with their Alice style head bows and classic style jumperskirts. The details of lace and ribbon upon their wardrobe as they pass by is a well deserved tribute to the classic Lolita brand. As with The Forest, this style of Lolita was fashionable in 2008. When I first saw these young women stroll by on the screen I just stared in unbelievable awe until I wrestled the remote to rewind the scene. 

Lolitas! I could scarcely believe it.

Who would have guessed that both of these films would choose our particular Japanese street fashion to be chosen to be represented? Additionally, the interaction is a positive one of awe and interest from both characters, rather than a reaction of repulsion.

It appears as if Lolita fashion is now another celebrated aspect of the thriving pulse of Tokyo!

Stay Frilly ~

My hobbies that compliment Loℓιтα!

It is time for another Lolita challenge topic!

What hobbies do I have that compliment Lolita?

Aside from a few hobbies, such as anime and gaming, most of my hobbies compliment my Lolita style extremely well! Particularly since I am a Sweet Lolita. I have always been a girl who enjoys the feminine side of life so it isn't a complete surprise to me that so many of my past and current hobbies fit well within the Lolita sub-culture.

My Lolita style hobbies might just surprise you!

Arts and Crafts
It would be completely impossible for me to stop creating. I enjoy being able to draw fun designs, particularly ones that are cute and pink! ​My favorite things to illustrate are chibis. Eventually I would love to design prints for my own Lolita and doll clothes, as well as illustrate my own Lolita inspired novels. I also enjoy making elegant jewelry, such as earrings and rings, to accompany my Lolita fashion wardrobe. Additionally, armed with imitation frosting, I can transform any ordinary household object into an adorable one in minutes! Who knows what I will create next!

I have always loved dolls. Their slender bodies and tiny clothes are extremely pretty to admire. Now that I am older I am particularly fond of Asian Ball-Jointed and similar dolls. I discovered BJDs through Lolita fashion and can happily say this interest only expands my passion for Lolita. Many of my doll characters wear Lolita fashion and adopt Lolita norms such as have multiple wigs and outfits. My first character Hitomi even designs Lolita fashion and runs her own designer Lolita store! I really enjoy being able to dress my dolls in various Lolita fashion styles and sub styles!

Period Films
My absolute favorite films are period films. I can be swept up into the romanticism and fashion of earlier human eras for hours. Many of the movies and television series I watch are all historically based and often feature frilly and feminine overtones. Some of my favorite period films include; A Royal Affair, Pride and Prejudice, Belle, Mansfield Park and Marie Antoinette. 

​Give me a steaming cup of tea and the Historical tag on Netflix any day!

I love to read and have enjoyed so since I was a little girl. I am especially fond of classic literature with a special fondness for historical fiction and fairy tales. Some of my favorite authors include; Lewis Carroll, Hans Christian Anderson, the Grimm Brothers, Jane Austin, Charlotte Bronte, J.K. Rowling and CLAMP. 
My favorite type of books completely transport me to another world. I can forget the rules and expectations of my own world and fall completely under the spell of the author's creation. My favorite genres fit nicely along with the romanticism and elegance of Lolita.

My mother is a professional seamstress but I never had any desire to learn how to sew until I discovered this fashion. Lolita was a huge motivator for me and pushed me to learn!
While I am still a beginner I really enjoy the ability to create new things! My favorite things to create are Lolita accessories for myself and for my Ball-Jointed-Doll Hitomi. I can easily image myself sewing in another time period completely adorned in frills. It is extremely convenient for me to have this skill set! I find that many of the things I need can be easily assembled with the right materials and time. I can't wait for my skills to get even better!

I love tea. I am always on the lookout for a new exotic tea and enjoy the sampling of something new. My favorite time of day to drink tea is in the afternoon and at night along side a good novel. Of course my love of tea requires another great aspect -- the collection of teacups! Slowly but surely I have begun to collect a select few beautiful ceramic teacups. My teacups hang on their own display frame so their saucer and cup can be admired accordingly from their shelf. I cannot think of a hobby more befitting Lolita fashion quite like tea and teacups!

I have always enjoyed writing. The ability to verbalize the worlds and people I create is a skill I hold most dear. Stories are something I treasure most, and all my hobbies possess a story. From my doll characters to the prints upon my clothes. I love being able to put my fantasies and horror to life through ink and paper. Each character and world I create share an unbreakable bond. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share these curiosities and creation with others. I feel completely free as I allow myself to become enveloped within the pages of creation. I am most looking forward to the creation of my Lolita inspired fairy tales!

And that completes my hobbies that fit perfectly with Lolita!
What sort of hobbies do you do that compliment Lolita? Leave your answers below!

Stay frilly ~

Bloomers or no bloomers?

Now here is a seemingly innocent question, "Bloomers or no bloomers?"
Are those frilly shorts that no one sees really all that necessary?

Truthfully, no they are not.
Wait, don't get your panties in a bunch quite yet! 

​For one, modesty. Bloomers specifically are not necessary but shorts of some type are. Most Lolita brands are made for a shorter demographic. Angelic Pretty dresses, for example, run shorter than some other name Lolita brands and bloomers or shorts help to cover your assets should you need them to. There is always the occasional unforeseen wind, escalator or dress flip that you never have to worry about with the extra security underneath your frills. I always feel much more carefree knowing I have an extra layer between me and mine.

Two, depending on the style bloomers can actually help to add extra poof to your dresses! There are bloomers that have additional frills at the sides and even the backside to add additional volume. Who doesn't want more poof?

​Thirdly, they are adorable! I love the addition and detail even Lolita "underwear" possesses. On top of everything else bloomers are just another accessory to help you experience the historic and immersive feminine style of this fashion. It is another piece that makes Lolita special.

Do you think bloomers or shorts are necessary? What are your reasons for wearing or not wearing bloomers? Post your answers below, I would love to read your replies!

Stay Frilly,

BJD Aesthetic Review!

There are a great many considerations when ordering a doll. One of these considerations is of course the doll's features. I adored the form of the doll I chose, but faced some difficulty in features. I was unable to order a company face up since the Obitsu brand does not release completed features. I needed to find an artist to commission. 

Luckily I came across Lauren Buitte aka TheKawaiiPhoenix on Etsy! 

Lauren was available to do the commission and even had experience with Obitsu type dolls. I was sold. Lauren was extremely easy to converse with. This truly would be my first time working with an artist but she asked the right questions and very receptive to my vision. I expressed that I wished my doll to have a "sweet" and "natural" feel. The added comfort in the knowledge that Lauren would provide in-progress photos was a huge relief. Ultimately, I settled on a similar look to one of my favorite Lolita models -- Midori.

Midori Fujiwara. Hitomi's face-up make up style inspiration.

Obitsu Misha head unpainted.
Obitsu Misha head painted commission #1.

Once Hitomi's face up was approved Lauren sent her back to me very quickly and safely. I absolutely loved the note and charm freebies that Hitomi and I received, and I couldn't believe she was finally home! Unfortunately during assembly I damaged the face up and Hitomi had a very unattractive scar. Thankfully Lauren came to the rescue! Once my eyelashes from Nomyen arrived I repackaged Hitomi, purchased another commission slot and sent her back.

I am so happy that Lauren offered to attach the eyelashes for me!

With this second face up I wanted a slightly larger smile along with white eye shadow rather than brown this time. My aim was to brighten Hitomi's eyes a bit since she has brown eyes. I really like how the overall look came out, and looks stunning with her Mako eyes. The eyebrow and lash color is spot on and matches her hair perfectly! I am beyond thrilled with how Hitomi turned out.

 I am so fortunate to have found such a stellar artist!
Just look at her wonderful faceup work and her adorable art of Hitomi ( so cute )  !!! 

5 / 5
Lauren had excellent communication before, during and after my faceup request.

5 / 5
Both of these faceups were completed with quality materials that complimented the vinyl construction of my Obitsu, and were applied with care. I received a faceup in the exactly style I wanted.

5 / 5
All of my items were shipped with care and quickly!

As my doll family grows I will be certain to send them to TheKawaiiPhoenix for their aesthetics!

Why do I wear Loℓιтα fashion?

​It is time for another Lolita challenge topic!
This week I will answer one of the most frequent questions I personally experience in the fashion, and one that always originates from ordinary people.

Why do I wear Lolita fashion?

After all this fashion is expensive, often impractical and completely out of the ordinary. Why is it that myself and so many others find themselves dressed in such frilly splendor? While I am not able to speak for my fellow Lolitas, I can attempt to answer this query based on my own experience.

Clothes are a human necessity. In today’s society however clothes are often a complete disappointment. When I am able to find something suitable I find that the quality of the materials are poor and the cuts are less than desirable. By the time I find a piece I like it is often stretched or worn much sooner than expected. This results in another purchase and thus the cycle continues once more. 

Lolita fashion is completely different. The clothes are constructed of quality materials, the silhouette is flattering and the prints are bold! I can never get over how lovely each article of clothing is. Additionally, all of the lace, chiffon and yards of quality cotton fabric help create beautiful pieces of art. I am completely taken with the care and attention to detail that is represented with each piece of a Lolita wardrobe. All of the various designers that had a talent of transforming a sketch into a true manifestation is pure magic. The fact that I can adorn something so striking on my body for everyone to appreciate is a dream come true!

To be able to wear such gorgeous clothing makes me feel incredibly beautiful. To witness the compete metamorphose of my state from just an ordinary young woman to a lady is one that I treasure greatly. Lolita is an extravagant fashion and that extravagance allows me to get a small glimpse of what life might be like for a lady of nobility. I have a great fondness for fairy tales and period pieces, especially ones that involve the medieval or Rococo period. The lap of luxury to pursue fine dresses, art, music and language is a state that I love to daydream about. Lolita fashion is my fairy godmother. I am able to be whisked away to a beautiful world of wonder and beauty. Best of all I am able to share this power with others! I cannot find anything better than the merriment I experience while in the presence of other Lolitas while ordinary people crown us with endearments as, "princess", "my lady" and "madame". 

The ability to wear such carefully crafted lovely clothes truly makes me feel like a princess!

I am not like everyone else, so I feel more comfortable not dressing like them. Lolita is a far from ordinary fashion. Lolita fashion allows me to represent and express myself in the manner in which I feel suite me best. Since my clothes are so unique they have allowed me to meet all sorts of interesting people and I am never without a conversation icebreaker. With this fashion I can always expect something new and unexpected to come from this fashion style without having to sacrifice a complete overhaul of my wardrobe. Each Lolita clothing brand adds a new and exciting interpretation of the fashion, using the basic rules as a spring board to new and exciting possibilities! With a fashion like this how could I ever become bored?

Life is far too short to be ordinary so why should the clothes we wear be any different?
And those are my major reasons for why I wear Lolita! 

If you are a Lolita, what are your reasons?

Stay Frilly,

My impressions of Angelic Pretty's Baked Sweets Parade!

The designers at Angelic Pretty have certainly been hard at work this year. I felt compelled to create a blog post to discuss one of their more recent product design Baked Sweets Parade ! 

I must confess that when I first laid eyes upon this print I was not enchanted. While the theme of the print is one of my favorites, I found the size of the print to be far too large for my preference. After I viewed owner photos and additional stock images however I found myself complete taken! I had fallen in love with every cookie, chocolate bar, french cruller, sweet and doughnut showcased on the print.

How could I resist a line this sweet?

I absolutely love every piece created for this line, though I am especially taken with the Baked Sweets Parade One Piece in pink. Each detail on the one piece is adorable and I cannot find fault in any part of the construction. The print for every piece completely captivating with all it's delectable delights. The chiffon material base only sweetens the charm of the print! With the addition of ribbons, lace and doughnut buttons, the dresses couldn't possibly be cuter! Even the accessories in this line are ones I would be ecstatic to own! 

I have an especial weakness for the pieces in the pink colorway. I could easily see myself in possession of a One Piece, Jumperskirt and Skirt in my wardrobe and in at least the pink colorway, if not in blue colorway as well.

Here is a comparison of the One Piece and the Jumperskirt in the pink colorway. Again, I love both designs but I am especially taken with the One Piece. The collar detail on the One Piece in addition to the long sleeves and cuffs just add to the overall charm of the dress. In concerns to the Jumperskirt I am fond of the simplicity of the neckline and would very much enjoy the opportunity to pair it with a blouse.

​Here are some additional stock images of the One Piece in the pink colorway.just  I cannot get over how precious the doughnut buttons are! In these shots we are able to see more details of the Baked Sweets Parade print. I am completely in love with all the details of the sweets. Every sprinkle, heart and whip of frosting sends me into fits of awe! I am especially fond of the pink gummi bunnies! The cuffs on the One Piece remind me of the icing on the cake and is therefore just another small detail of charm to the overall dress.

All of the accessories for this line are super cute. I love that the partly bitten doughnut is the feature for the accessories and the eat me text they bear is darling! I would love to have these pieces to go along side the Baked Sweets Parade line and other additional Angelic Pretty works such as Melty Cream Doughnut.

In regards to the Skirt I would very much enjoy this piece as an addition to my wardrobe as well. The print theme and colors allow for great versatility! The side bow would be beyond adorable detail of the skirt when worn over a blouse.

Overall I would be ecstatic to own every piece of this product line! In addition to Melty Cream Doughnut this is the only line I would wish to own.

What do you think of Angelic Pretty's Baked Sweets Parade? 
I would love to hear your thoughts!

Stay Frilly,