Sunday, July 5, 2015

My-Lolita-Dress Haul!

It's here~! On January 24, 2015 I placed an order to My-Lolita-Dress for various lolita items.
The order arrived on June 15, 2015. My haul ordered included:
My package from has arrived!

I decided to try out My-Lolita-Dressed based on various positive reviews from lolita's in the online community, especially Kota-Bear. I have had negative experiences with ClobbaOnline and I wanted to try another shop that carried Taobao and Indie brands that carried to customization.

My ordered arrived from China to my doorstep via EMS on June 15, 2015. All of the items were packaged very well in a surprisingly small EMS package!

Order from
As you can see the order of items were the blouse, Precious Clove JSK, Melty Cream Doughnut JSK, and lastly my petticoat. Everything arrived safe and sound!

Order from

Every item was held together with a band to ensure nothing was lost.

Let's begin with Precious Clove's Letters to My Dear Lolita JSK, shall we?

Precious Clove's Letters to My Dear Lolita
The Letter's to My Dear Lolita set was packaged together which was very nice! I didn't have to search for the headbow separately from the jumperskirt.

I fell in love with this print back when it was announced in December. Here are some stock images:

Precious Clove's Letters to My Dear Lolita print and colorways.
Precious Clove's Letters to My Dear Lolita
Precious Clove's Letters to my Dear Lolita Headbow
It is always a challenge for me as a sweet lolita to find prints that I adore that I can get custom sized. This dress incorporated many things I love, such as roses and bottles. I was very difficult for me to choose between the pink or the purple colorway! I chose pink because it is my signature color and because it matches my current wardrobe.

Precious Clove's Letters to my Dear Lolita Jumperskirt
This dress really is super pretty! The print is delicate and bold enough against the pale pink material. The dress is very soft and lined ( thank goodness ) ! Also, since this dress was custom sized, I am happy to report it fits extremely well and is very flattering.

Precious Clove Letters to My Dear Lolita Collar details
The detailing of the lace is very delicate and beautiful. There is soft rose detailing in the collar, and the peach pink bow is removable.

Precious Clove's Letters to My Dear Lolita print details
As you can see the print has many lovely details. I love all the different shaped glass bottles! The dress also features roses, pearls, bows, starts, letters and feather pens. The design is stunning! I love the print because, not only is it beautiful, but I can easily create multiple coordinates with this jumperskirt.

Precious Clove's Letters to My Dear Lolita print details
Precious Clove's Letters to My Dear Lolita print ERROR.
There is an error on the front and back of the print on one of the stain glass windows. The error also appears on the bodice of the dress. The error is extremely small, and resembles blue pen marks. I can only assume this occurred from a printing defect.

All in all I would recommend this dress, I absolutely love that print and that Precious Clove allows for custom sizing. The fact that the dress is of a nice quality and affordable is another plus. Aside from the print defect from the printing, the print is vibrant and extremely well done.


And now for the Letters to my Dear Lolita headbow!
Precious Clove's Letters to My Dear Lolita Headbow
The headbow was packaged with the matching jumperskirt which made it extremely easy to find. Additionally the headbow was wrapped individually in it's own plastic wrap.

Precious Clove's Letters to My Dear Lolita Headbow
This headbow is extremely beautiful, especially when it is worn. The lace is very soft and has the same detail lace of the JSK. The material is the same as the jumperskirt so it has the same silken feel. The headbow also has an adorable golden rose charm, which is just an additional charming touch.

It is a bit difficult to see, but the right side of the headbow is a tad shorter than the left. It is not easy to tell when worn.

This headbow scores an easy 7/10! I am very happy I added it to my order.

Now for some essentials

Classical Puppets A-line Petticoat

This is my first / official / petticoat. I purchased an A-line petticoat because the Precious Clove Letters to My Dear Lolita jumperskirt is an A-line. Now that I purchased the dress I do believe it would also do well with a bell-shaped petticoat.

Classical Puppets A-line Petticoat

The petticoat was from Classical Puppets and tailor made to my measurements. This petticoat is flawless. The material is extremely soft and fluffy. My precious petticoat was very scratchy. This Classical Puppets petticoat is a much welcomed change.

Classical Puppets A-line Petticoat
Additionally the material is extremely shiny. The petticoat is lined with a slip and the edges are hemmed professionally. The elastic at the waist is very comfortable and can go well beyond the stated measurements.

I am over-the-moon in love with  this petticoat. I plan to order a bell-shaped petticoat from Classical Puppets in the future and more for each shape in multiple colors!


Blouse time!

There was a / slight / mix up with my blouse. Unfortunately the tailor service made a mistake when they constructed my order. In order to receive my order on time for an event Linda from my-lolita-dress offered to send a blouse that she had in stock that fit my measurements. This blouse was the Sweet Ruffles Silk and Linen Blouse and I actually think it is prettier than the original one I had ordered.
Rococo Style Lace Lolita Blouse
For some additional misfortune this blouse was the wrong measurements as well. This blouse was a good 30cm short of the require measurements. I was given a partial refund for the mix up. I can only hope that I can resell the blouse to someone who can enjoy it and re-order with my original measurements.

Rococo Style Lace Lolita Blouse

Rococo Style Lace Lolita Blouse

I absolutely love the high ruffled collar on this blouse. The chemical lace bow pattern is additiaonlly charming. This blouse is just too cute and princess-y!
The corset lacing in the back is great for easy of fitting!
The blouse has corset lacing to assist in fitting. The normal measurements for this blouse are a Bust of 107cm and 107cm in the waist. With the corset lacing the waist can be taken in easily!

Rococo Style Lace Lolita Blouse button details, 
The button details on this blouse are so sweet! The button features a ribbon that matches the lace detailing.

It is a bit difficult to give a number to a piece I cannot wear, but based on the feel and tailor of the blouse I would give it a score of 7/10. I will purchase another in the correct size soon!

And now for Melty Cream!

( Replica) Angelic Pretty Melty Cream Doughnut JumperSkirt 

I plan to purchase the official Melty Cream Doughnut JSK in the same colorway ( and more ) once it becomes available in auction. This dress was added to my order as a graduation present. I am happy to have the replica for now to use for everyday Otome-Kei use. It is nice to be able to see how an Angelic Pretty dress would fit to my measurements and to get an idea of how nice the official Angelic Pretty JSK will be. I am very happy to see that the shirred version can accommodate my size easily and the shape is flattering. 

I will be sure to purchase official pieces from AP in the future!

( Replica) Angelic Pretty Melty Cream Doughnut JumperSkirt 
Overall the dress has been made immaculately. There was not one thread out of place. The dress is lined and even comes with a built in petticoat. The chiffon in which the print is placed is beyond soft. The JSK has detachable waist ties and is an overall charming piece.

( Replica) Angelic Pretty Melty Cream Doughnut JumperSkirt
I adore doughnuts. When Angelic Pretty released this print I couldn't contain myself. There is nothing cuter, or sweeter, than a frosted doughnut! While I still cannot wait to get my hands on the official dress I am happy to finally have this print in my possession. 

The print on the replica is very easy to see on the soft material and features doughnuts, spoons, ribbons and other adorable details. I cannot get over how cute this print is!

( Replica) Angelic Pretty Melty Cream Doughnut JumperSkirt
The replica also features the small fork and spoon details on the center ribbon, which is a surprising and delicate touch.

( Replica) Angelic Pretty Melty Cream Doughnut JumperSkirt
 The detailing of the lace features the signature piece of the print: doughnuts! 

Overall I am blown away by the level of detail and quality of this inexpensive replica. This jumperskirt has lead me to become a consumer of Angelic Pretty products due to the ease of fitting, quality ( which is comparable to exceeds this replica I am sure ) and overall cuteness!

Myself in a quick coordinate that I threw together. 
This dress easily receives a 10/10!

That is it for this order but there will be more to come soon!

Stay Frilly Everyone!