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Maxicimam "Lovely Size" Review!

It is finally here -- my MAXICIMAM review!

MAXICIMAM is a fashion brand from Tokyo, Japan that offers punk and Lolita style clothes. I discovered this brand a few years ago in a Gothic & Lolita Bible and decided to investigate. I found that MAXICIMAM offered larger sizes they called "lovely size" which was a particular interest to me as a plus-sized Lolita. I awaited in anticipation for the opportunity to order a few in-stock items that would accommodate my measurements.

​Halloween presented the perfect chance to put "lovely size" to the test!

October 3rdOctober 7th

MAXICIMAM does not ship overseas. They do however recommend a few Japanese market sites that sell their products. I purchased a total of two MAXICIMAM items from cdjapan.
My order was sent with FedEx International Priority shipping. The items took 2 business days to arrive for a total of 6 days if you include placement date and I could no be happier with the turn around time! The package was extremely well secured. All of my items were individually wrapped and then packaged together in a bubble mailer. 
On top lay two order freebies!

MAXICIMAM Halloween postcard and sticker freebies.
Gab. Music Network magazine volume 77 freebie.

cdjapan sent along the most recent copy of Gab Music Network. Inside there were articles about various popular bands in and around Japan. It was really cool to learn about new bands! Along with the magazine were some MAXICIMAM specific goodies. I was especially touched that the staff of cdjapan had sent items from the brand I had purchased from and even made sure it was October themed. The postcard and stickers were simply too cute! I cannot wait to use them.

And now for my order!

The first item I discovered was the Excellent Lovely Drawers.

Stock image of the MAXICIMAM Excellent Lovely Drawers
As expected the stock photo of this piece vastly understated the details. The bloomers are constructed of a soft but sturdy cotton material. The waistband is made with a thin elastic but it is extremely stretchy. I can see now how this brand is able to accommodate a wide range of sizes! 

MAXICIMAM Lovely Excellent Drawers in White (Front)
The elastic band around the legs is very secure, but not enough to cause discomfort. Ribbons are secured at the sides with excellent stitching along sides which truly adds a charmed touch. 

MAXICIMAM Lovely Excellent Drawers in White (Back)

MAXICIMAM Lovely Excellent Drawers in White (Tag)
The MAXICIMAM brand tag can be found secured to the back of the bloomers.
Their logo is so pretty with the prominent crown encased by a intricate frame. Additionally I love the silver color they chose!

MAXICIMAM Lovely Excellent Drawers in White bottom details
The lace along the bottom of the bloomers is of an excellent quality and is soft and tightly constructed. The bloomers are short enough so I do not have to worry about the bottom lace being exposed from under a skirt or a dress when worn. ​

Final Thoughts
​The entire piece when worn is beyond charming! It truly is a delight to be able to purchase a pair of bloomers that I know are made of high quality materials and that fit.

​Rating ~ 9 / 10

And now for​ the Toujours Ensemble Rose Blouse!

MAXICIMAM Toujours Ensemble Rose Blouse within the plastic (Front)

My Toujours Ensemble Rose blouse arrived with it's own hanger and protective plastic cover. Even though the coated plastic the detail displayed on this blouse was unbelievable! I was especially taken with the numerous rose details expressed on the lace and rose shaped buttons.

MAXICIMAM Toujours Ensemble Rose Blouse within the plastic (Back)
The entire piece contained high quality lace of multiple types and often features the rose motif. I have never seen a piece utilize multiple types of lace to create such a beautiful result before! The detail lace along the front of the blouse is particularly soft and all of the various pieces of lace are incredibly detailed. The cotton the blouse is constructed of is soft enough to be comfortable, but sturdy enough to maintain it's shape. The stitches are straight and aid the flattering shape of the blouse. The open ruffled part adds an enchanted feel and looks especially nice when paired with a skirt.

MAXICIMAM Toujours Ensemble Rose Blouse Collar

MAXICIMAM Toujours Ensemble Rose Blouse Collar

MAXICIMAM Toujours Ensemble Rose Blouse Sleeve Details

MAXICIMAM Toujours Ensemble Rose Blouse Buttons

Out of the protective plastic is when I could really appreciate the splendor of this blouse. In these detail shorts you can truly see the impressive lengths MAXICIMAM made to make this piece spectacular. These shots display the removable collar, the detail of the sleeve and the front of the Toujours Ensemble Rose Blouse​. The rose details on the lace, the gentle accent of ribbons and additional lace and the sweet ivory rose buttons make this blouse too perfect for words!​

MAX Toujours Ensemble Rose Blouse with the collar
MAX Toujours Ensemble Rose Blouse without the collar
I can honestly say that I love the blouse with and without the collar equally. The first style is very sweet and traditional, while the second is more of a princess style. As I was to be Rapunzel it was the second style I used to aid my Halloween outfit. The collar is secured to the blouse with a simple clear button which is simple to attach. Both sleeves are adjustable which means the blouse can be long sleeved or short sleeved depending on preference and each style is lovely. With these options I can get four looks from one blouse.
​I just love how versatile this piece is!

MAX Toujours Ensemble Rose Blouse without collar, tag
MAX Toujours Ensemble Rose Blouse without the collar, tag
​With the collar removed the tag is now easily spotted. I love the Alice silhouette -- it is just too adorable! I loved the style so much that I made sure to keep the tag. On the back of the tag houses the MAXICIMAM contact information, the product information and the original price. Secured to the back of the blouse is where I found the MAXICIMAM Lovely tag. I love how large the tags are as they are extremely easy to locate!

​From the back you can see the expert shirred displayed. The amount of material gathered within the shirring is quite impressive. A ribbon with a seamed edge allows the back to be laced for necessary fit adjustments and allows for a various range of sizes. The blouse offers waist ties as well, secured by the same gorgeous ivory rose buttons as in the front. I love that the waist ties are removable based on preference.

Final Thoughts
I am completely blown away by the details of this blouse! The entire piece is flawless. I am absolutely overwhelmed by the high quality materials and the enchanting overall design. The versatility of this piece beyond impressive. I will be sure to order another blouse from this brand soon!

​Rating ~ 10 / 10

5 / 5
The shipping for this order was overseas however my order arrived in lightning fast time. cdjapan really put any other shipping experience, domestic or international, to shame! As always my items arrived quickly, safely and well packaged. Additionally I love the time and attention the staff took to include freebies that complimented my order and brand.

Product Quality
5 / 5
All of the products purchased were extremely well constructed and were of an exceptional quality! The extraordinary design of such essential Lolita basics, coupled with the ability to purchase these pieces in a larger size, is well worth the expense! I cannot stress how wonderful it is to have such a high quality brand produce Lolita pieces in a wide variety of sizes. I am truly blown away!

5 / 5
cdjapan has excellent customer service. The transaction was extremely easy to do and I even earned points towards another purchase. Hooray!

Do I plan to order additional items from the MAXICIMAM brand? You better believe it! I hope to order an additional blouse, bloomers and a winter coat from this brand soon!

~ Stay Frilly

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