Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

October is here and we are only days away from the spooky-sugar coated-costume driven haunt of Halloween.

Still perplexed by what to wear?​

Here are 50 quick ideas that can turn your "ordinary" Lolita wardrobe into a memorable costume for the night of fright!

  1. ​Alice -- A true inspirational classic. Need I say more?
  2. Alien -- With a space theme this costume is clearly out of this world! This look is especially charming with a silly headband.
  3.  Angel -- A pair of fluffy white wings along with an optional halo helps to add a heavenly touch to any outfit.
  4.  Bad Witch -- Any oversize pointy hat will do! Black is traditional and, while coupled with some spider tights or stripes and boots, your witch will be an utter spooky success!
  5. Bat -- With a winged headband and a black exterior you are ready to take flight!
  6. Bear -- A pair of round ears and a round tail are all you need turn yourself into a cuddly teddy bear! The tail looks especially adorable when affixed to a back bow. 
  7. Cat -- With a simple addition of a tail and ears any one can become either a mysterious black cat or a cuddly kitty!
  8. Clown -- Whether happy, sad or just plain evil the first step in creating this costume is simply a big red nose.
  9. Cook -- With all the numerous possible food related prints this costume is easier than pie. With the addition of an apron and a kitchen utensil you will soon be saying, "Let's eat!"
  10. Cat Burglar -- Clad in a black and clutching your lifted bag of gems and cash you can only hope your mask will protect your identity.
  11. Cupid -- A pair of fluffy white wings along with a few false love arrows will sweeten any beast.
  12. Dead Bride -- A Shiro or Kuro theme really takes this look to the next level. Of course be sure to don a veil. Add a bouquet of matching white or black roses to seal the effect.
  13. Devil -- A pair of horns and a pointed tail give you clearance to look positively deadly.
  14. Doll -- This costume is a cinch! Simply use make up to highlight your more doltish features.  Additionally Ball-Jointed-Doll tights for this costume are easily obtainable or you can make your own with any pair of light tights and a permanent marker ( Pinterest ).
  15. Elf -- Pointy ears and Hime styled sleeves would make for a mystical look.
  16. Fairy -- A pair of wings and glittery make up will add a bit of magic to your attire. This costume can easily be accessorized for a more distinctive fairy types. Flowers, snowflakes or leaves can be arranged in your hair to designate just what season your wing self, or your wardrobe, prefers most.
  17. Flower Seller -- With a basket of flowers, a price tag and a change purse you might just find yourself making the world a prettier place one sale at a time.
  18. Frankenstein -- Some stitch marks here and some stitch mark there coupled with the bolts in your neck make you one good looking man made monster!
  19. Geisha -- Time to try out that Wa Lolita style that you have always wanted to do!
  20. Good Witch -- You can go the 'Wonderful Wizard of Oz' route and don a tiara and a star wand or there is always the option of being a white witch, which of course would encompass Shiro Lolita. There are countless witches throughout traditional stories to inspire you.
  21. Lion Tamer -- A stuffed lion and possible crop is all you need to become a lion tamer. Whallah! 
  22. Little Bo-Peep -- This costume is possible the simplest one to do for a Sweet Lolita. No crook needed, just bring along one of your Arpakasso!
  23. Little Red Riding Hood -- Any Lolita combination will do, just don't forget your little red cape!
  24. Magical Girl -- All any magical girl needs is a weapon. Any cute wand will do.
  25. Maid or Servant Girl -- All you need is an apron and the optional feather duster or maid cap. Ready-set-Clean!
  26. Mermaid -- Pearl accessories and shells are the only accessories you took with you from the sea.
  27. Minnie Mouse -- With someone as stylish as Minnie you can’t go wrong with wearing one of your favorite coordinates just don’t forget the mouse ears and bow!
  28. Not so Sweet Witch -- Adorn a dress covered in sugar goodies with a witch's hat that you have covered in faux treats. Lastly just sit back and wait for those candy craving kiddies to come by!
  29. Nun -- This looks is especially simple with a dark wardrobe. All you need is a habit.
  30. Nurse -- Check up anyone? Don't forget your first aid kit and all your white and red accessories!
  31. Pirate -- With a corset and an eye patch you will be the fear of the seven seas.
  32. Pop Star -- All this cute look needs is a microphone!
  33. Princess -- A classic crown and an up-do always sends the right message.
  34. Queen -- A princess does not have anything on you. What do you have that she doesn't? A cape.
  35. Queen of Hearts -- Wear your symbol proudly. If anyone disagrees, off with their head!
  36. Rabbit -- With a pair or rabbit ears and a fluffy cotton tail you can easily become a rabbit. The tail looks especially adorable when affixed to a back bow. Add a pocket watch and an optional vest for a classic Alice spin!
  37. Rag Doll -- Safety pined patches and stitch ridden tights make you look just too cute for words!
  38. Rapunzel -- A long wig is all you need to portray this trapped princess.
  39. Ringmaster -- You call the shots. No one performs until you say so! Think circus. A vest and a baton are always a great choice.
  40. Sandman -- Your small bag of magic sand ( glitter ) aid anyone in their restless nights.
  41. Sailor -- Break out the Sailor Blouse and prepare yourself for your sea legs.
  42. Skeleton -- With a pair of skeleton bone tights or socks you will be sure to make a slimmer statement. Paired with some simple make up techniques you can rock a traditional human skull or a Day of the Dead motif.
  43. Snow White -- Red lipstick, a dark wig and a classic red ribbon will have you feeling like the fairest of them all in no time!
  44. Snow White's Evil Stepmother -- A cloak is always a dramatic touch but don't forget your quintessential fruit! Apple anyone?
  45. Teacher -- A pair of specks, a tie and text books should make those students straighten up and pay attention.
  46. Tooth Fairy -- Fairy wings and a small bag of white false teeth ( chiclets candy ) will have people saying "Ah"!
  47. Unicorn -- With just a horn you can be one of the most majestic creatures in the world.
  48. Vampire -- Let your pair of fangs do the talking.
  49. Voodoo Priestess -- I wonder what that little doll of yours could get up to. It sure is into acupuncture.
  50. Werewolf -- A pair of fluffy dog ears and tail looks especially lovely under the full moon.

And there you have it! What are you going to be this Halloween? Let me know in the comments!