Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Loℓιтα Goals for 2015

2014 is almost at a close. The events of this year have got me thinking deeply about the upcoming year and, more specifically, the goals I have for my love of Lolita fashion. After much determination I have come up with 3 goals I can be proud of!
 Wardrobe Expansion 

I know, I know. This goal seems rather obvious but is nevertheless necessary. If I ever wish to become a daily Lolita I will need to expand the limitations of my wardrobe just to cover the basics. I will need petticoats, bloomers, jumperskirts, skirts and blouses in great quantities in order to start. 
Can someone say budgeting?

Learn new Skills

Sewing. That's right -- sewing. Sewing, the dreaded hobby I have avoided for years. I'll take knitting or crochet over sewing any day. I now find this skill is becoming increasingly important. Possessing the ability to make adjustments to garments or the ability to be able to make simple accessories will really come in handy.

Stay Regular

This goal will include keeping the blog updated as well as keeping my hobby business Keep A Fallen Star shop updated. In order to grow in this fashion being able to reflect upon my journey is crucial. In concerns to Keep A Fallen Star, I have been getting views from Facebook recently and it inspires me to create some new Lolita inspired products.

And that's it for me! Have a Happy New Year everyone!