Monday, May 2, 2016

The 5 Best Places To Wear Loℓιтα!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! This week's topic involves the best places to go while in Lolita. There a many places that I go while in Lolita fashion. The movies, the coffee shop, conventions etc. For this list however I limited my selection to a more reasonable number and sorted it by priority. (You can view my original blog post here!)

Here are my five favorite places to go when I wear Lolita fashion!

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks and fairs are great places to wear Lolita! The lights, the energy, the atmosphere! There are tons of adorable props and backdrops to fuel your kawaii fashion photography. Just remember to wear accessories that are ride friendly!


I love to attend gardens and public parks while in Lolita. The sun under a parasol and the wind beneath my skirt always brings a smile to my face. There really is nothing like taking a stroll amongst such glorious nature in such feminine frills! Fresh flowers are a perfect backdrop to any coordinate.

Sweet Shops

Candy, bakery and ice cream shops are always great places to meet up with friends, particularly if it is with group of Lolitas! All of those delectable and adorable sweets make for incredibly cute delicious and tasty props! The fact that you are able to showcase your favorite treats in your coordinate is an added bonus!

Art Museums

My first Lolita meet occurred at an art museum and I just absolutely adored it! Any time we have a Lolita fashion meet at an art museum the other patrons spend more time admiring us rather than the artwork. Talk about a confidence boost! There is nothing quite like admiring wonderful works of art while being an art addition yourself!

Malls and Shopping Centers

Shopping is one of my favorite activities to do in Lolita fashion. I am especially fond of shopping at a mall and shopping centers so that I am able to browse multiple shops at once. Not to mention you have all your basic comfort needs under one roof! I can always be sure to discover a great new find I can use for a current or future coordinate. I never leave without a kawaii new addition!

And that does it for my top five! Where are your favorite places to go while in Lolita?

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