Monday, May 2, 2016

My hobbies that compliment Loℓιтα!

It is time for another Lolita challenge topic!

What hobbies do I have that compliment Lolita?

Aside from a few hobbies, such as anime and gaming, most of my hobbies compliment my Lolita style extremely well! Particularly since I am a Sweet Lolita. I have always been a girl who enjoys the feminine side of life so it isn't a complete surprise to me that so many of my past and current hobbies fit well within the Lolita sub-culture.

My Lolita style hobbies might just surprise you!

Arts and Crafts
It would be completely impossible for me to stop creating. I enjoy being able to draw fun designs, particularly ones that are cute and pink! ​My favorite things to illustrate are chibis. Eventually I would love to design prints for my own Lolita and doll clothes, as well as illustrate my own Lolita inspired novels. I also enjoy making elegant jewelry, such as earrings and rings, to accompany my Lolita fashion wardrobe. Additionally, armed with imitation frosting, I can transform any ordinary household object into an adorable one in minutes! Who knows what I will create next!

I have always loved dolls. Their slender bodies and tiny clothes are extremely pretty to admire. Now that I am older I am particularly fond of Asian Ball-Jointed and similar dolls. I discovered BJDs through Lolita fashion and can happily say this interest only expands my passion for Lolita. Many of my doll characters wear Lolita fashion and adopt Lolita norms such as have multiple wigs and outfits. My first character Hitomi even designs Lolita fashion and runs her own designer Lolita store! I really enjoy being able to dress my dolls in various Lolita fashion styles and sub styles!

Period Films
My absolute favorite films are period films. I can be swept up into the romanticism and fashion of earlier human eras for hours. Many of the movies and television series I watch are all historically based and often feature frilly and feminine overtones. Some of my favorite period films include; A Royal Affair, Pride and Prejudice, Belle, Mansfield Park and Marie Antoinette. 

​Give me a steaming cup of tea and the Historical tag on Netflix any day!

I love to read and have enjoyed so since I was a little girl. I am especially fond of classic literature with a special fondness for historical fiction and fairy tales. Some of my favorite authors include; Lewis Carroll, Hans Christian Anderson, the Grimm Brothers, Jane Austin, Charlotte Bronte, J.K. Rowling and CLAMP. 
My favorite type of books completely transport me to another world. I can forget the rules and expectations of my own world and fall completely under the spell of the author's creation. My favorite genres fit nicely along with the romanticism and elegance of Lolita.

My mother is a professional seamstress but I never had any desire to learn how to sew until I discovered this fashion. Lolita was a huge motivator for me and pushed me to learn!
While I am still a beginner I really enjoy the ability to create new things! My favorite things to create are Lolita accessories for myself and for my Ball-Jointed-Doll Hitomi. I can easily image myself sewing in another time period completely adorned in frills. It is extremely convenient for me to have this skill set! I find that many of the things I need can be easily assembled with the right materials and time. I can't wait for my skills to get even better!

I love tea. I am always on the lookout for a new exotic tea and enjoy the sampling of something new. My favorite time of day to drink tea is in the afternoon and at night along side a good novel. Of course my love of tea requires another great aspect -- the collection of teacups! Slowly but surely I have begun to collect a select few beautiful ceramic teacups. My teacups hang on their own display frame so their saucer and cup can be admired accordingly from their shelf. I cannot think of a hobby more befitting Lolita fashion quite like tea and teacups!

I have always enjoyed writing. The ability to verbalize the worlds and people I create is a skill I hold most dear. Stories are something I treasure most, and all my hobbies possess a story. From my doll characters to the prints upon my clothes. I love being able to put my fantasies and horror to life through ink and paper. Each character and world I create share an unbreakable bond. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share these curiosities and creation with others. I feel completely free as I allow myself to become enveloped within the pages of creation. I am most looking forward to the creation of my Lolita inspired fairy tales!

And that completes my hobbies that fit perfectly with Lolita!
What sort of hobbies do you do that compliment Lolita? Leave your answers below!

Stay frilly ~

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