Monday, May 2, 2016

My first real Loℓιтα piece (thoughts)

The anticipation coercing through my body caused my fingertips to pound randomly atop the plastic package. Soon the protective white sleeve gave way to a pink and red striped package. From the transparent heart window I could see a glimpse of my future fashion. A momentary distraction ensued as my eyes fell to the branded letters once more. Bodyline. A swift movement re positioned the sealed goods for an easy entry and within seconds a clear parcel slid onto my vacant lap. Folded neatly within the parcel I could easily spot my the front and bow of my jumperskirt.
Once freed of it's containment I allowed my hands to caress the soft and sturdy pastel pink fabric. My fingers curled along the white patterned lace before I playfully pulled at the grosgrain ribbon. The quality in compassion to the faux-Lolita styled clothes was beyond compare. The weight of the fabric, the even stitching and the soft pink intricacies of the ribbon only expedited my transition. Secured in my frills and armed with the essentials my transformation into a true Lolita was complete! 

And there are some of my initial thoughts when I received my first Lolita piece! Topic number 35 of the Lolita challenge is now complete! This marks week 8 of the challenge and I am still going strong.

What were your thoughts when you received your first real Lolita piece?
​I would love to hear your experiences below! 

As always, stay frilly!

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