Saturday, May 7, 2016

My friends that I want to convert.

​I have met many new friends in the Lolita hobby. Lolita fashion has allowed me to meet and experience many beautiful people and things in life that I would have never been able to without it!

Since Lolita has brought me so much joy it is natural that I would want to share this happiness with others. There are four specific people in my life that I would absolutely love to convert to the fashion!

Aside from the fact I want to have my significant other wear the same fashion for selfish reasons, I think Nena would be an adorable Lolita. While I would love to see her adorned in Sweet, I believe she would fit best in a Classic Lolita style. Her classic beauty, height and calm demeanor would allow for her to be a lovely addition to the Lolita community.

I have wanted to twin with Guinevere ever since we were girls (we were the only kids I know of that wore school uniforms by choice). Guin is able to pull off any fashion with flare and confidence. With her love of 50's fashion I can envision Guin very easily in Classic Lolita. The ability to twin is a bonus!

 With his natural long blond hair and dashing good looks Andrew would be an exceptional candidate as a Dandy or an Ouji! He can pull off the airs required for such a sophisticated style with ease. When I watch DeerStalker's Ouji Accessory all I can see is Andrew every time!

Roxy would make the most adorable Lolita! While she tends to wear mostly cosplay at a convention I can easily see Roxy in everything from Gothic Lolita to Sweet Lolita. She has the perfect attitude and confidence to rock whatever she adorns!

And there you have it! Those are the four people I would love to convert to the fashion.
Have you converted friends? What are your tips? Let me know below!

Stay Frilly ~

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