Monday, May 2, 2016

My impressions of Angelic Pretty's Baked Sweets Parade!

The designers at Angelic Pretty have certainly been hard at work this year. I felt compelled to create a blog post to discuss one of their more recent product design Baked Sweets Parade ! 

I must confess that when I first laid eyes upon this print I was not enchanted. While the theme of the print is one of my favorites, I found the size of the print to be far too large for my preference. After I viewed owner photos and additional stock images however I found myself complete taken! I had fallen in love with every cookie, chocolate bar, french cruller, sweet and doughnut showcased on the print.

How could I resist a line this sweet?

I absolutely love every piece created for this line, though I am especially taken with the Baked Sweets Parade One Piece in pink. Each detail on the one piece is adorable and I cannot find fault in any part of the construction. The print for every piece completely captivating with all it's delectable delights. The chiffon material base only sweetens the charm of the print! With the addition of ribbons, lace and doughnut buttons, the dresses couldn't possibly be cuter! Even the accessories in this line are ones I would be ecstatic to own! 

I have an especial weakness for the pieces in the pink colorway. I could easily see myself in possession of a One Piece, Jumperskirt and Skirt in my wardrobe and in at least the pink colorway, if not in blue colorway as well.

Here is a comparison of the One Piece and the Jumperskirt in the pink colorway. Again, I love both designs but I am especially taken with the One Piece. The collar detail on the One Piece in addition to the long sleeves and cuffs just add to the overall charm of the dress. In concerns to the Jumperskirt I am fond of the simplicity of the neckline and would very much enjoy the opportunity to pair it with a blouse.

​Here are some additional stock images of the One Piece in the pink colorway.just  I cannot get over how precious the doughnut buttons are! In these shots we are able to see more details of the Baked Sweets Parade print. I am completely in love with all the details of the sweets. Every sprinkle, heart and whip of frosting sends me into fits of awe! I am especially fond of the pink gummi bunnies! The cuffs on the One Piece remind me of the icing on the cake and is therefore just another small detail of charm to the overall dress.

All of the accessories for this line are super cute. I love that the partly bitten doughnut is the feature for the accessories and the eat me text they bear is darling! I would love to have these pieces to go along side the Baked Sweets Parade line and other additional Angelic Pretty works such as Melty Cream Doughnut.

In regards to the Skirt I would very much enjoy this piece as an addition to my wardrobe as well. The print theme and colors allow for great versatility! The side bow would be beyond adorable detail of the skirt when worn over a blouse.

Overall I would be ecstatic to own every piece of this product line! In addition to Melty Cream Doughnut this is the only line I would wish to own.

What do you think of Angelic Pretty's Baked Sweets Parade? 
I would love to hear your thoughts!

Stay Frilly,

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