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Loℓιтα Fashion in Mainstream Films?

I am a avid admirer of the horror genre. I can be swept up in a psychological thriller any day! I am particularly fond of horror films that are foreign films or have a foreign film style. Some of my favorite titles include; Ringu, El Orfanato, Don't be afraid of the Dark and The Babadook.

​I never expected to come across our subculture in mainstream films, and even less so expected to see the presence of Lolitas in horror films! The very nature of these dark and twisted fantasies seem to repel the feminine nature of the fashion and yet it seems the style has penetrated these films, even if for a only few brief exciting moments.

Most recently my girlfriend and purchased The Forest, a American supernatural horror film centered in Japan. The main plot circulates around Aokigahara Forest and the disappearance of the main character's twin sister in the mysterious sea of tress. While the majority of the film takes place at the base of Mt. Fuji in Honshu, the film introduces the main character to Japan with classic culture shock.

What would be better than some time in Tokyo?

As the main character takes a drive through the famous city she is curious about the strangeness of the city. When her taxi stops at a red light, she casually looks out the window and catches a glimpse of some Japanese street fashion. She stares intriguingly at the fashion before her eyes. I of course could not contain my excitement and clasped back a gasp. In the shot stood four young women in complete Lolita coordinates!

Copyright © The Forest Universal Studios Home Entertainment 2016, screenshot by magicalgirlme

What is extremely exciting to me is the time spent on this small interaction. You can easily see the presence of two Sweet  Lolita styles and two Gothic Lolita styles. The Sweet Lolita with the pink parasol (left) is obviously a Sweet Lolita with an appetite for Angelic Pretty. The bubble gum pink dress with a bold print, the frilled parasol, the pink rabbit and the golden crown support her sugary sweet Angelic Pretty fueled style. The Sweet Lolita (right) has more of a classic flare to her sweetness. A fashion brand such as Baby, the Stars Shine Bright would be a very good possibility for her style. The bold floral print coupled with her floral bonnet is a beautiful snapshot of a Classical Sweet Lolita look.

Copyright © The Forest Universal Studios Home Entertainment 2016, screenshot by magicalgirlme

The Gothic Lolita (left) appears to be a fan of a complete black look or Kuro Lolita. It is possible the Japanese brand she is clad in could be Moi-meme-Moitie, Mana's famous Gothic Lolita brand. When compared to the other Gothic Lolita (right) appears to be a fan of a more 'old school' Gothic Lolita style. She is clearly a fan of the old school combination of a black x white coordinate, with the primary color being black. A possible brand for her could be Alice and the Pirates or Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.

Possibly the most exciting piece of this interaction is the time in which the movies allows for this interaction between Lolitas to occur! Rather than a captured moment we really get in a few seconds of tape. Additionally the fact that the fashion is represented at all and that Gothic and Sweet Lolita styles are depicted feels complete. Another exciting piece of this is that the fashion is 'in'. Not only did they represent Lolita, but they did it with accurate representation. All of the styles are appropriate for the trends in 2016 for sure! That particular additional attention to detail positively thrills me as a Lolita participant.
The first horror film I purchased that had a glimpse of Lolita fashion was Shutter. This 2008 horror film centers around a American couple who are in Japan while the husband works as a photographer. While the female lead takes in the unfamiliar sights and sounds of the bustling city of Tokyo, she passes by two Lolitas.

Copyright © 20th Century Fox 2008, screenshot by magicalgirlme

While the shot is only a few moments the female lead is overtaken with wonder, enough to snap a photo of the girls once they have pasted. Clearly one of the Lolitas is in a Gothic style, while the other is dressed in Sweet absolutely giddy from their shopping. Both of the Lolitas appear to be a fan of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright with their Alice style head bows and classic style jumperskirts. The details of lace and ribbon upon their wardrobe as they pass by is a well deserved tribute to the classic Lolita brand. As with The Forest, this style of Lolita was fashionable in 2008. When I first saw these young women stroll by on the screen I just stared in unbelievable awe until I wrestled the remote to rewind the scene. 

Lolitas! I could scarcely believe it.

Who would have guessed that both of these films would choose our particular Japanese street fashion to be chosen to be represented? Additionally, the interaction is a positive one of awe and interest from both characters, rather than a reaction of repulsion.

It appears as if Lolita fashion is now another celebrated aspect of the thriving pulse of Tokyo!

Stay Frilly ~

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