Monday, May 2, 2016

How long will take for me to build a complete Loℓιтα wardrobe?

​This week's topic for the 52 Lolita Challenge is quite a handful, but one that many participants in this fashion ponder.

How long do I believe it will take me to build a complete Lolita wardrobe?

This prompt begs the question of what do I believe a complete Lolita wardrobe contains? In the start of my Lolita journey I would have considered a wardrobe with a few staple pieces so I would have some diversity when attending Lolita meets and conventions. Now that I am a bit more seasoned, I would consider a complete Lolita wardrobe to possess enough pieces so I would be able to wear Lolita on a daily basis. The ability to have enough pieces to accommodate a full month without outfit repeats would be an absolute dream! A health mix of blouses, bloomers, skirts, dresses and accessories is an expensive and tedious venue, but one I am absolutely determined to complete.

In order to decipher a realistic answer I will be using mathematics with my past rate and my anticipated rate to find a plausible, all be it possibly mortifying, answer!

My track record for Lolita purchases is not exactly something I am proud of. Since I began wearing Lolita I obtain one large purchase piece a year, such as a dress or a skirt. I started to wear Lolita when I was in college, so money was a rarity. Now that I have a full-time job however I do not believe this will pose as much of a problem. I am able to do large purchases a few times a year which is a real treat!

Realistically, my wardrobe completion would most likely consist of:

20 Dresses
10 Pairs of Shoes
15 Blouses
5 Skirts
5 Bloomers
3 Petticoats
3 Sweaters
2 Boleros
2 Coats

+ 50 accessories ( socks, headpieces, wrist cuffs etc )

What a list! Now, let's associate values based on the estimated expense of the items.





I have estimated what I would spend on Lolita items with my allotted "allowance". I also factored in approximately how much of my allowance is used to the advancement of my other hobbies. With the weighed scale, this would amount to +20 points. Additionally I subtracted the items I currently possess from my total.

Coats = 8
Dresses = 68

Blouses = 39
Petticoats = 6
Skirts = 15

Shoes = 10
Boleros = 4
Sweaters = 6

Bloomers = 5
Accessories = 40

201 points divided by the 20 points per year gives me the plausible timeline of 10.5.

This approximation of 10 years, while somewhat daunting, is helpful in my planning. Obviously there are variables that cannot be measured. Variables such as gifts, tax returns or the amount I spend on other hobbies were not factored and will help to lessen this time frame. Additionally there are opportunities to get less expensive items through second hand marketplaces. Still, this estimation is extremely helpful!

How long did it take, or will it take for you to build a complete Lolita wardrobe? Post your answer below!

​Stay frilly ~

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