Tuesday, July 26, 2016

5 Items every Loℓιтα needs in their wardrobe arsenal.

Lolita fashion is all about the attention to detail and key centerpieces, but there are key elements and basics that every Lolita needs in their wardrobe in order to be a success.

You can view this original blog post here!

Basic Blouse

A basic blouse is your best friend. Basic in this instance refers to a common color in your wardrobe, not a blouse with minimal lace or ribbon details. Just one basic white blouse for Sweet or Classic Lolita and a black blouse for Gothic Lolita can add a vast amount of versatility to your wardrobe. A basic color will match all of your Lolita skirts or Jumperskirts, so you can rest easy armed with the knowledge that you have your essentials covered. This allows you time to acquire more second layer favorites, such as skirts and Jumperskirts. A blouse with detachable sleeves allows for two blouse styles for the price of one -- bonus!

Perfect Petticoat

A petticoat is the key to the Lolita aesthetic. The trademark 'cupcake' or a line look for Lolita fashion can be achieved with this article of gathered fabric. A petticoat with a bell-shape or an a-line shape will allow for any dress or skirt to be filled and carry your desired Lolita look. In concerns to your wardrobe, a petticoat of great quality will allow you to maintain this shape for a long period time.

Prized Parasol

A parasol is a great addition to any Lolita wardrobe. While a parasol n itself is just another great way to have a token aesthetic piece to add to your coordinate, it is also a versatile tool. A parasol is a great way to stay cool in the summer and a great way to keep off snow in the winter. I find that a parasol is extremely useful when I need to pose for photos to keep the sun out of my eyes. 

Basic Bag

While a Lolita bag or purse with a distinctive shape, such as a star or a heart, is extremely tempting, nothing can beat a simple or basic style. A Lolita bag that is an adorable style but does not have a distinctive shape will be a welcomed addition to any wardrobe. One of a core color, such as white for Sweet or Classic Lolita and black for Gothic Lolita is an added bonus! This will allow for an astounding amount of versatility with your Lolita coordinates.

Fantastic Flats

A great pair of flats is great for any type of fashion, but I am even more thankful for a pair of comfortable shoes for Lolita. Long walks, shopping and photo posing can only go as long as you have the endurance for and a great pair of shoes can help! A pair of shoes with adorable details will add a cute addition to your wardrobe and keep you going.

There are my five Lolita essentials. What aspects or accessories do you consider are a must need?

Stay Frilly,

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cheap Frills! ('Cheap Thrills' Satire Lyrics) Original Song, Sia

Come on come on, turn the computer on,
It's Friday night and I won’t take long.
Got to stay focused, put my game face on,
It's Friday night and it won’t be long

'Til I win my dream dress,
Win my dream dress
It's totally Indie.
No, I don't have brand,
I don't have brand
But I got frills darling!

Honey, I don't need burando to have fun tonight
( I love cheap frills! )
Honey, I don't need burando to have fun tonight
( I love cheap frills! )
I don't need Ba~by
As long as can feel pretty.
I don't need A~P
As long as I look stunning!

Come on come on, turn the J-Pop on
It's Saturday and I won’t take long
Got to adorn my dress, put my headbow on
It's Saturday and it won’t be long

'Til I hit the meetup,
Hit the meetup
It happens monthly.
No, I don't have brand,
I don't have brand
But I got frills darling!

Honey, I don't need burando to have fun tonight
( I love cheap frills! )

Honey, I don't need burando to have fun tonight
( I love cheap frills! )
I don't need Ba~by
As long as can feel pretty.
I don't need A~P
As long as I look stunning! 

( I love cheap frills! )
( I love cheap frills! )
No Innocent World for me,
As long as I can buy Indie.
I don't need Angelic Pretty,
As long as I rock my petti!

Oh, oh

Honey, I don't need burando to have fun tonight
( I love cheap frills! )
Honey, I don't need burando to have fun tonight
( I love cheap frills! )
I don't need Ba~by
As long as can feel pretty.
I don't need A~P
As long as I look stunning!

La, la, la, la, la, la (I love cheap frills!)

Friday, July 8, 2016

I made a handmade Loℓιтα dress!


I recently attended Portcon, a local Maine anime and gaming convention. Saturday looked as if it would be a perfect day to wear Lolita, but what would I wear?! Since I wear Lolita on a more frequent basis, it is nice to have a dress for a special occasion. Due to timing, funds, and the desire to try something new I decided to put my skills ambition to the test! In less than one week I would construct a Lolita dress to debut at the convention. 
Challenge accepted!

My sewing skills are an absolute beginner. I have begun to construct small sewing projects for my home and for my doll Hitomi, but nothing of a considerable undertaking or size. For my first clothing project, I felt that an "instant dress" would be a great place to start!

After I browsed what my local Jo Ann fabrics had to offer, I purchased a pretty shirred material with a floral pattern. I loved that this pattern features multiple shades of pink as well as yellow, a rare but beloved color in Lolita! The range of color would allow for me to use many of my preexisting accessories. The best part is that the material was on sale. The best part was that all of the required materials for the dress, thread and straps were under $20! 

All I would need to do to complete this dress would be to shorten the bottom dress hem, attach the material together and to make dress straps.

Easy, no?

Before the assembly of the dress could take place, I needed to adjust the skirt to a more Lolita appropriate length. I carefully measured another one of my dresses for my desired length and added an additional inch. This would allow for me to appropriately shorten the dress to my preferred length and give appropriate space for the hem. I then cut the dress, measured the bottom and sewed the bottom to create a secure and even hem.

My Steps

  1. Use a measuring tape to find your desired length of the overall dress.
  2. Use a cutting board to ensure your cut is as smooth and even as possible.
  3. Use a measuring tape to make the new hem (1/2").
  4. Secure the two separate materials with ball point pins (right).
  5. Line up the hem left to the foot of the sewing machine. This allows for a crisp and even guide for your thread (left).
  6. Reverse the foot once you reach the end and continue to the edge to secure the stitching.

Now that the bottom of the dress is even and secure, it is time to join the two loose sections together! The shirring on this dress allows for a lot of space. I purchased one yard and even had a generous amount left over! I wrapped the dress around myself and secured the dress temporarily with a binder clip. I then measured to create a hem (1/2") so the edge of the dress would be straight and even. Once this was completed I secured the top through the bottom with head pins. I lined up the hem left to the foot of the sewing machine.to create the hem and then I sewed the two free pieces together.

My Steps

  1. Wrap the material around yourself to find your dress width. Make sure to take advantage of the shirring, but do not stretch it too much. It needs to have a comfortable ratio of give.
  2. Clip temporarily to show where you need to attach the fabric.
  3. Cut off any excess fabric.
  4. Use a measuring tape to create a hem (1/4").
  5. Secure the two separate materials with head pins (right) to create the hem.
  6. Lay the hem piece atop of the uneven cut material. 
  7. Pin these two pieces together to ensure both pieces will stay together when sewing.
  8. Line up the hem left to the foot of the sewing machine. This allows for a crisp and even guide for your thread (left).
  9. Reverse the foot once you reach the end and continue to the edge to secure the stitching.
 This dress needed straps. Since I had only two days to complete my dress, I chose to use ribbon for the straps rather than create elastic straps. Not only was it a time saver and less expensive, the overall addition was of pink was extremely sweet! With a 1" ribbon I temporarily clipped a binder clip for the front and back of where I would like to attach the ribbons to the dress. I measured to find the desired length for all four strips  rather than make two complete pieces, I added four so I would be able to tie two pieces together and make more adjustable straps. I followed the same principal to create the dress hem to protect from fraying and add some additional support.

My Steps

  1. Clip place holds to the dress to ensure you attach the ribbon to the correct place.
  2. Use a measuring tape to find your desired length of the ribbons.
  3. Use a measuring tape to make the new hem (1/4") on the bottom of all four ribbons.
  4. Line up the hem of all ribbons to the left of the foot of the sewing machine.
  5. Reverse the foot once you reach the end and continue to the edge to secure the stitching.
  6. Attach the strips to the top of the dress in the designated places.

Final Touches

Now for the final touches! I recently purchased rose hairpins from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. While I could add a simple ribbon, I was able to stitch a hair clip to my dress successfully! This way I could incorporate a brand piece that ties in masterfully with my coordinate, but safely remove it for future use with another coordinate. I just love how well the roses accompanied the roses on the dress print! 

Now the dress is complete!

Coordinate Run Down

Dress ❤ Handmade ( me )
Blouse ❤ Bunny House
Head Bow ❤ Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Hair Clips ❤ Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes ❤ Bodyline
Rings ❤ Handmade ( me, SpoonfulofCats )
Frilled Ankle Socks ❤ Target
Wrist Cuffs ❤ Handmade
Bag ❤ BCBG

I am very happy with the way my first dress came out. I was touched that so many people at the convention liked my coordinate! Since this experience was so positive, I will be sure to create more dresses to add to my wardrobe again soon. Next time I will be sure to make a Do-It-Yourself Dress tutorial with step-by-step instructions and photographs for anyone else who is interested in a handmade Lolita dress!

Thanks for reading and remember to Stay Frilly!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Loℓιтα Parasols: Vital or frivolous?

Parasols are an extremely common accessory in Lolita fashion. From the crowded streets of Harajuku, Japan to the tranquil shaded green of Scarborough, ME these frilly protectors are a favorite staple of Lolitas around the world. These items are so popular that the large Japanese fashion brands create numerous styles of these extravagant umbrella's in many different colorways multiple times a year!

The question that many Lolitas ask is;

Are Parasols vital,
or just a frivolous accessory?
While this question appears to be a complex the answer, in my opinion, is extremely clear.

Parasols are Vital.

I do not know what I would do without a parasol in my Lolita arsenal. I adore my brand parasol! While in truth they are one of my favorite accessories due solely on the added charm to a coordinate, the item itself is exceptionally practical in purpose and price. They are a great way to have a treasured and practical everyday piece by your favorite brand!

Why I love my Parasol

A Classic Staple

All across the world women have used parasols to shield themselves from the elements. It is always interesting to see the various styles and cultural significance these umbrellas have especially in this day in age! When I lived in Puerto Rico and Hawaii many women used umbrellas and parasols daily with more common fashion styles. While the purpose it to protect yourself from the elements, it is fun to see what style parasol someone has. A parasol with a Rococo or Victorian inspired feel is just another way that I am able to add a beautiful and practical piece to my outfit, while being able to give tribute to the eras that I love. 

Protection from the Elements

I have extremely sensitive skin, particularly when it comes to the sun and UV. A parasol allows me to hold an umbrella that protects me from the sun that does not oddly stand out from my fashion style. I have yet to find refined sunglasses to adorn. In addition to the protection from direct sunlight, the parasol allows a way to generate shade. This aspect is especially important in the summer. The generation of shade helps to diminish the chance of overheating; an exceptionally important side effect to avoid while adorned in so many layers. On snowy days a parasol is a great way to shield yourself the dampness of snowflakes!

A Beautiful Statement

Even when the parasol is not in use it is a beautiful accessory. The manufacturers take care to design the parasol to be a beautiful statement closed. I am particularly fond of the aesthetic of an Angelic Pretty or a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright parasol looks when closed. All the attention to detail, even when a parasol is closed is lovely! The way the parasol is wrapped and secured with a bow, and the way the lace inspired detailing surrounds the bottom are just two details that help to create a gorgeous look.

Of course, the largest statement a parasol can make is when opened. This is when the true lace detailing can be fully appreciated. I am astounded at the level of detail the creators are able to generate, particularly when it comes to the plastic frills! I love being able to use an umbrella/parasol with my everyday clothes to add a bit of feminine frill to my daily wardrobe. When this parasol is paired with a Lolita coordinate, however, the entire addition of a parasol becomes a bold, frilly and beautiful statement!

Where do you stand on the parasol debate? I would love to hear your stance below!

Stay Frilly,

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Loℓιтα styles I would love to try!

When I first discovered Lolita I completely was overtaken by this adorable, elegant and frilly fashion style. I poured over countless snapshots of Japanese street fashion and online shops for hours. The more time I spent browsing the web, the more I found myself charmed by anything in a bell or a-line silhouette. I could not get enough of any Lolita style I came across! Over time I found myself completely captivated by the allure of pastels, softness, and overall style of Sweet Lolita. Due to this and other factors, it was only natural that I pursue Sweet Lolita as my initial style.

Now that I am more experienced in the fashion there are quite a few additional Lolita styles I would love to try!

You can view my original blog post by clicking here!

Classic Lolita

the Regency and Victorian style

When I first began my Lolita fashion journey I could not see the appeal of the Classic Lolita style. While I liked this style on others, it was not a style I believed I would ever wish to try. Classic Lolita features a more mature Lolita style. It draws upon the inspirations of historical Victorian and Regency styles and often has a country feel. Over time I have come to appreciate the naturally subdued color palate and the more simplistic appearance. I am very eager to try this style with a piece from Innocent World; particularly now that I am able to incorporate Lolita into my everyday wardrobe!

Gothic Lolita

the Elegant and Dark style

I have always had a weakness for Gothic Lolita. This dark, elegant, Gothic and Victorian style stirs the inner macabre within the cavern of my secret heart! The designs from Moi-même-Moitié are particularly gorgeous. I would love to be able to incorporate this mature and dark style into my current wardrobe for the days I wish to be particularly dynamic and dramatic. Black would be my overwhelming color choice for this style. I am extremely excited to attempt this style as soon as realistically possible!

Hime Lolita

the Extravagant and Royal style

Hime Lolita, also known as 'Princess Lolita', is my favorite style of Lolita by far. Hime Lolita takes the typical extravagance represented by other Lolita styles and brings it to another level. This Lolita style is strongly influenced by the Rococo period and is the ultimate idealized version of a princess. This style is exactly my cup of tea! I cannot get enough of the tiaras, layers of lace, pearls and a poise befitting a true royal. Many of my wishlist items, particularly from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, would be a perfect accommodation for this particular style!


the Aristocrat and Masculine style

I have been a fan of Kodona and Ouji style from the very beginning, however, until recently, I could not envision myself in it. The more I see creative outfit coordinations for this style, the more I wish to try it myself! I cannot get over how utterly charming and versatile this Lolita fashion style is! This boy style gives a wide range of styles from a playful aristocrat to a charming prince. I adore everything from the boyish short pants to all of the fantastic hats, vests, and boots that often aid this fashion style. I have a particular weakness for pieces released by Alice and the Pirates and hope to be an Ouji to a Hime Lolita someday!

Sailor Lolita

the Classic and Nautical-themed style

Sailor Lolita is a style that I have grown especially fond of over the years. The classic style is a delightful blend of the sailor school uniform, vintage fashion styles, and the distinguishable sailor collar. When I first joined the Lolita fashion I was unsure of how to differentiate between sailor uniforms and Sailor Lolita. Now I am interested in the pursuit of my first nautical themed style dress. I am always drawn to sea themed prints so this would be able to take my admiration farther! I plan to get my first Sailor Lolita dress from the talented designers of Metamorphose in a common navy blue. I cannot wait to wear this style on a Maine summer day!

There are so many wonderful styles and sub-styles that have branched out from original Lolita fashion. What styles are you interested in trying? Which Lolita styles have you tried? 

I would love to hear about your experiences!

Stay Frilly,

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Happy International Loℓιтα Day!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Saturday! Here in Maine, we are spoiled today with excellent summer weather. With the sun and soft breeze, the weather could not be better to celebrate International Lolita Day!
What is International Lolita Day

International Lolita Day, also referred to as IDL, is an event held twice a year! These Lolita holidays allow us to celebrate our frilly fashion. This event is observed on the first Saturday in June, and the first Saturday of December. This way Lolitas all over the world are able to have a summer and winter celebrate no matter where they may live! It is a great opportunity to wear something special, spread some fashion awareness, meet up with Lolita friends and do something more elaborate than a traditional Lolita dress up day.

My plans for International Lolita Day, June 2016
✓ Wear my favorite Lolita coordinate
✓ Purchase some Lolita items
✓ Eat sweets
✓ Meet up with friends
✓ Watch KamiKaze Girls

​I hope you all have a fantastic International Lolita Day!

 Stay frilly,

Saturday, May 28, 2016

How strangers react to my Loℓιтα clothes, and how I react to their reactions.

To say that Lolita fashion is a unique fashion style is an understatement. With the current mainstream fashion trends, it is only natural that such a feminine, frilly and elaborate clothing preference would stand out. One of the reasons I love Lolita is how bold of a statement it makes, and how creative it allows me to be. Throughout my fashion journey, I have had numerous favorable and less than desired reactions to my clothes.

Here are my hard and fast rules for how I handle complete strangers and their most common reactions to my preferences.

The Cheerleader

These are some of my absolute favorite strangers. While most strangers tend to stare these strangers are the ones that go out of their way to sing your praises. For me, these have been the young lady in Books a Million that dropped brand names, the young man at the bus stop who expressed his love of my coordinate and the elderly woman that was over the moon with my whole ensemble. These strangers are completely ecstatic by your colorful and unique display! These people are engaged and want to discuss the fashion with you. Their positive outlook and enthused conversation tend to drive others to drop in and listen. Somehow these strangers completely understand the positives about my self-expression and allow my self-expression to make their day a little brighter. Interactions such as these are ones I completely treasure!

How I handle these Interactions

I politely engage these conservationists always.It is so much fun to savor these interactions! I believe that it is important to nurture positive reactions such as these, plus you never know who you will end up friends with!

The Pervert

Unfortunately, this fashion can draw the wrong type of attention. I have had some awkward instances where men cannot seem to grab the concept of this fashion being just that: a fashion. Mainly these instances involve obscene gestures and cat calls. The most recent interaction I have involved being recorded on an older man's phone without my consent. These are unfortunate effects of other people's perceptions. Additionally, there is always the person who cannot keep their hands to themselves. Whether it a curious granny that wants to feel your fabric rather than asking or a creep that wants to see if you truly do wear bloomers over your undies these people cannot resist the swish of your fabric. These are interactions you wish could be avoided.

How I handle these Interactions

I handle these types of interactions in one of two ways. If the person is not in my immediate space - I ignore it. I have found that reacting on the inappropriate behavior only caused it's prolonged existence. I try to obscure the camera or video as much as possible without drawing attention to the fact I have noticed the behavior. A simple shift in how I am seated can do wonders for a line of sight for a undesired shot. If the person is in my immediate space, such as someone running their hands over my clothes, my reaction is completely different. I let it be known that the experience is completely unacceptable. I state in a calm by the stern tone of voice that what they are doing is wrong with, "Excuse me" and "What do you think you are doing?" Onlookers have always assisted me in silently shaming the person doing the undesired action. Despite the fact the action is completely direct, the action stops almost immediately and I can get back to better things.

The Debbie Downer

Even compared to the other undesired attention the Debbie Downer might be the worst. Unlike the Pervert the Debbie Downer is loud and does not back down from a challenge. In my experience, these strangers are often young and obnoxious. These strangers taunt, shout and parade their uncalled for opinions to the world without humility, common decency, and sociable considerations. These interactions are extremely public and possibly the most difficult to ignore. The Debbie Downer can be one individual but often travel in groups.

How I handle these Interactions

It is best to completely ignore this inappropriate behavior. These strangers want to elicit a reaction. By proving a reaction it only allows for the tournament to be prolonged. Additionally, it enhances the possibility of the escalation of the situation. I completely ignore these strangers as much as humanly possible. If they try to coral around me I politely push past them and allow the banter to die down. While it is exceptionally difficult to do I refuse to react in any way and my position pays off.

The Inquisitor

These are my absolute favorite strangers. These are the people that are so overcome with intrigue and curiosity that the cannot hold back their questions. They want to know everything about the fashion! Common questions range from, "Where do you buy your clothes?" to "What does your coordinate mean?" Every piece of information you give seems to add fuel to their interest and helps to build an idea of the fashion. I adore how engaged and curious these strangers are! They are completely open to being educated about Lolita and even tend to bring in the attention of onlookers with the same curiosity.

How I handle these Interactions

I always engage with these strangers. The most time I can spend with them the better! The best part of being part of a sub-culture, in my opinion, is being able to be a positive representative of the fashion. I feel as if I am an ambassador of sorts! This one interaction will help to be a positive experience in a stranger's life. I have met some pretty interesting people. I have taken pictures with strangers like these so they can treasure our short time together! You never know, these types of strangers may end up joining the fashion themselves!

I hope this post was helpful! What types of strangers do you run into? What do you do in these types of situations? I would love to read your responses below!

Stay Frilly,

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I won a Lolita art giveaway!

One of my absolute favorite Lolita blogs on Tumblr is PeacefulWorld. This blog is run by the lovely Frederica1995. She always posts great Lolita releases, coordinates and other frilly content. In addition Frederica is an artist! Her Lolita inspired illustrations are absolutely charming. Over the summer she held a Lolita art giveaway to celebrate 500 followers. I could not resist and had to participate! Even the flicker of possibility was far too exciting to pass up.
Luckily I found myself the 2nd winner of her contest!

Now I only had to decide what character or coordinate I should send her. Finally I settled on my doughnut coordinate. In her style that print would be beyond sweet! 

I did not have to wait long for a response:
 This adorable sketch was well worth the wait for sure! 
​I cannot get over how lovely this piece is from just a simple coordinate photo.

 I cannot get over how positively adorable the details of this piece are! The classic style is charming and the intricacies of the print, frills, lace and bows help to create a completely sweet portrait. I am beyond flattered that I have been captured in such an adorable light. I will treasure this piece for years to come.

​I am still so ecstatic that I won! I strongly recommend that you follow PeacefulWorld. 
Who knows, you could be the next follower contest winner!

Stay Frilly,

Saturday, May 7, 2016

My friends that I want to convert.

​I have met many new friends in the Lolita hobby. Lolita fashion has allowed me to meet and experience many beautiful people and things in life that I would have never been able to without it!

Since Lolita has brought me so much joy it is natural that I would want to share this happiness with others. There are four specific people in my life that I would absolutely love to convert to the fashion!

Aside from the fact I want to have my significant other wear the same fashion for selfish reasons, I think Nena would be an adorable Lolita. While I would love to see her adorned in Sweet, I believe she would fit best in a Classic Lolita style. Her classic beauty, height and calm demeanor would allow for her to be a lovely addition to the Lolita community.

I have wanted to twin with Guinevere ever since we were girls (we were the only kids I know of that wore school uniforms by choice). Guin is able to pull off any fashion with flare and confidence. With her love of 50's fashion I can envision Guin very easily in Classic Lolita. The ability to twin is a bonus!

 With his natural long blond hair and dashing good looks Andrew would be an exceptional candidate as a Dandy or an Ouji! He can pull off the airs required for such a sophisticated style with ease. When I watch DeerStalker's Ouji Accessory all I can see is Andrew every time!

Roxy would make the most adorable Lolita! While she tends to wear mostly cosplay at a convention I can easily see Roxy in everything from Gothic Lolita to Sweet Lolita. She has the perfect attitude and confidence to rock whatever she adorns!

And there you have it! Those are the four people I would love to convert to the fashion.
Have you converted friends? What are your tips? Let me know below!

Stay Frilly ~

Monday, May 2, 2016

Loℓιтα Fashion in Mainstream Films?

I am a avid admirer of the horror genre. I can be swept up in a psychological thriller any day! I am particularly fond of horror films that are foreign films or have a foreign film style. Some of my favorite titles include; Ringu, El Orfanato, Don't be afraid of the Dark and The Babadook.

​I never expected to come across our subculture in mainstream films, and even less so expected to see the presence of Lolitas in horror films! The very nature of these dark and twisted fantasies seem to repel the feminine nature of the fashion and yet it seems the style has penetrated these films, even if for a only few brief exciting moments.

Most recently my girlfriend and purchased The Forest, a American supernatural horror film centered in Japan. The main plot circulates around Aokigahara Forest and the disappearance of the main character's twin sister in the mysterious sea of tress. While the majority of the film takes place at the base of Mt. Fuji in Honshu, the film introduces the main character to Japan with classic culture shock.

What would be better than some time in Tokyo?

As the main character takes a drive through the famous city she is curious about the strangeness of the city. When her taxi stops at a red light, she casually looks out the window and catches a glimpse of some Japanese street fashion. She stares intriguingly at the fashion before her eyes. I of course could not contain my excitement and clasped back a gasp. In the shot stood four young women in complete Lolita coordinates!

Copyright © The Forest Universal Studios Home Entertainment 2016, screenshot by magicalgirlme

What is extremely exciting to me is the time spent on this small interaction. You can easily see the presence of two Sweet  Lolita styles and two Gothic Lolita styles. The Sweet Lolita with the pink parasol (left) is obviously a Sweet Lolita with an appetite for Angelic Pretty. The bubble gum pink dress with a bold print, the frilled parasol, the pink rabbit and the golden crown support her sugary sweet Angelic Pretty fueled style. The Sweet Lolita (right) has more of a classic flare to her sweetness. A fashion brand such as Baby, the Stars Shine Bright would be a very good possibility for her style. The bold floral print coupled with her floral bonnet is a beautiful snapshot of a Classical Sweet Lolita look.

Copyright © The Forest Universal Studios Home Entertainment 2016, screenshot by magicalgirlme

The Gothic Lolita (left) appears to be a fan of a complete black look or Kuro Lolita. It is possible the Japanese brand she is clad in could be Moi-meme-Moitie, Mana's famous Gothic Lolita brand. When compared to the other Gothic Lolita (right) appears to be a fan of a more 'old school' Gothic Lolita style. She is clearly a fan of the old school combination of a black x white coordinate, with the primary color being black. A possible brand for her could be Alice and the Pirates or Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.

Possibly the most exciting piece of this interaction is the time in which the movies allows for this interaction between Lolitas to occur! Rather than a captured moment we really get in a few seconds of tape. Additionally the fact that the fashion is represented at all and that Gothic and Sweet Lolita styles are depicted feels complete. Another exciting piece of this is that the fashion is 'in'. Not only did they represent Lolita, but they did it with accurate representation. All of the styles are appropriate for the trends in 2016 for sure! That particular additional attention to detail positively thrills me as a Lolita participant.
The first horror film I purchased that had a glimpse of Lolita fashion was Shutter. This 2008 horror film centers around a American couple who are in Japan while the husband works as a photographer. While the female lead takes in the unfamiliar sights and sounds of the bustling city of Tokyo, she passes by two Lolitas.

Copyright © 20th Century Fox 2008, screenshot by magicalgirlme

While the shot is only a few moments the female lead is overtaken with wonder, enough to snap a photo of the girls once they have pasted. Clearly one of the Lolitas is in a Gothic style, while the other is dressed in Sweet absolutely giddy from their shopping. Both of the Lolitas appear to be a fan of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright with their Alice style head bows and classic style jumperskirts. The details of lace and ribbon upon their wardrobe as they pass by is a well deserved tribute to the classic Lolita brand. As with The Forest, this style of Lolita was fashionable in 2008. When I first saw these young women stroll by on the screen I just stared in unbelievable awe until I wrestled the remote to rewind the scene. 

Lolitas! I could scarcely believe it.

Who would have guessed that both of these films would choose our particular Japanese street fashion to be chosen to be represented? Additionally, the interaction is a positive one of awe and interest from both characters, rather than a reaction of repulsion.

It appears as if Lolita fashion is now another celebrated aspect of the thriving pulse of Tokyo!

Stay Frilly ~