Friday, May 29, 2015

I Won a Loℓιтα Giveaway!

I follow a lot of Lolita's on many social websites, but I am especially fond of YouTube. It is so much fun for me to connect with people with other interests! 

One of my favorite Lolita YouTubers is R Gorey . She always has interesting videos to watch and great advice. Recently R Gorey had a giveaway for a sweet lolita set or a gothic lolita set. I wanted the sweet lolita set. I just expressed that I had been interested in lolita fashion for years, but had only begun to wear it and that I looked forward to expanding my wardrobe. The winners were randomly selected and I was lucky enough to be one of them!

While all sensitive information has been removed from my package, can you see how absolutely cute this package is? I love the Little Twin Star stationary and I especially loved the little chibi lolita art to the left. I received this package during my finals week. Needless to say it was an extremely welcomed pick-me-up!

All of the items were carefully tucked in a plastic bag. The first item that I had to see was the adorable floral crown. 

I have wanted a small floral crown for so long! The colors are prefect for my current wardrobe as it incorporates a light pink, white, peach and vibrant pink. The headband is lined with a soft silken fabric and is comfortable on my natural hair as well as a wig.

The fabric rose petals are extremely soft! The manner in which the leaves are placed at the base of the headband add to the overall delicacy of the flowers. There is an opportunity for me to add some more details to this headband, such as pearls, without loosing the overall delicate effect.

Next up are socks!

So cute! I love the pale pink of these socks. The tulle ruffled around the ankle is a perfect way to add a bit of sweet to a coordinate. I believes these socks will go perfectly with my "Letters to my Dear" Precious Clove dress that is one the way. I cannot wait to see! 

Also included were adorable ice cream socks. Unfortunately I was unable to take unboxing photos due to the timing of which I received my package...and I might have worn them already.

Next up was another item I had been excited for!

This Swimmer bracelet is the first plastic goodie I have acquired for lolita! The beads are adorable~ I am very impressed with the construction of the bracelet. The elastic makes the bracelet extremely comfortable and expandable, despite the number of kawaii elements it adorns. I plan to wear this bracelet often!

Last (but not least) in the package was this adorable Hello Kitty journal set!

The hard plastic has flecks of silver glitter inside (too cute)! The case is extremely sturdy, and great to keep stationary goodies in. I absolutely love the red dotted ribbon and Kitty-chan's expression as she snuggles her bear. I cannot get over how cute this is!

Inside the plastic case lies an adorable notebook and pen. The pen and notebook both have separate compartments, so the threat of a spill is non-existent. I cannot wait to write some notes to my friends and then fill up the adorable case with other adorable Sanrio goodies.

This was a wonderful surprise to have won such a lovely giveaway! This event has begun to make me think about if I would like to pay it forward and do my own giveaway soon!

What sort of prizes would you like to see?

Stay frilly! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bodyline Mini Loℓιтα Haul!

My order from Bodyline finally came in, hooray! I have a huge haul from My-Lolita-Dress on the way, and I needed some lolita essentials.

Order Date: 2/3/2015
Arrival Date: 3/28/2015

I waited until there was a free shipping campaign to place my order. My order consisted of a pair of shoes, a wig and a wig brush. With free shipping coupled with the yen trick, my cost was only $51.93 - a total steal! The package took forever to come in, but all that is important is that all my items arrived safely.

And now for the opening~

As expected I received the typical grey protective package sleeve. It was pretty grungy from it's long trip. Thankfully there were no rips or tears.

 The best part of this order was that I received my shoes in the fabled Bodyline shoe box! The shoes I ordered are listed here . These are the shoes300 model in off-white and size 25.5cm.

I was told in another Lolita's review that these shoes are form fitting. There is just enough room for tights or thin socks. I wanted to get a size up originally, but I am actually really happy with the way they fit.
The simple design is to die for! These shoes are much better constructed than my tea party shoes from clobbaonline, and my bodyline flats. I would highly recommend them. These shoes are a great addition to my wardrobe!

Rating: 9/10

And now for the wig! This wig is w051 in the dark brown selection 2. It can be found here. The wig was wrapped will, and everything was secured in the nylon black netting.
This wig is gorgeous! Not only does it look like the picture, it is extremely soft! I really love the dark color that I chose. I have another wig by GothicLolitaWigs and this wig is the same quality. It even has a gorgeous head part at the top. I cannot wait to wear it!

Rating: 8/10

Last but not least, the add on! I really really needed a wig brush.
This comb can tackle even the toughest tangles. It successfully saves my Hatsune Miku wig as well as my Princess Serenity one. I don't know why I waited so long to get one!

Rating: 8/10

Overall I am ecstatic with my purchases. While the shipping and tracking was a nightmare the over all products were great and at a great price.

Stay turned for my big haul, and stay frilly!