Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Surviving the Summer in Loℓιтα

Heat is a challenge for everyone, but is especially challenging in Lolita clothing. Never fear! Here are a few suggestions so that you may comfortably wear your frilly attire, even in the heat of summer.


Hats are a great addition in the summer months. There are numerous weaved summer hats, such as the popular boater hat, that can be an adorable addition to your summer coordinate. This head attire will shade your vision from the sun, and keep your head nice and cool.

Head-bows, headbands or hair clips are another effective way to dress up your Lolita coordinate in the heat of summer. While these options will not eliminate the sun from hitting you directly, their lightweight nature will allow for a simple accessory addition that won’t cause you to overheat.

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Styling your own hair in the summer is a great way to keep cool. A simple curled ponytail or braids can keep your neck nice and comfortable, while still keeping to a Lolita look.

If you prefer to wear a wig, there are ways around that too! A short wig, such as a bob, gives you your desired hair color but keeps your neck cool. I personally take the base of my brown clip-pigtailed wig. Coupled with my summer hat, it is a truly cute, (and cool), look. 
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Blouses and Boleros

When it comes to your blouses, an inexpensive and breathable fabric that is perfect for hot summer days is cotton. It is important to purchase a blouse that is 100% for the benefits, and many Lolita blouses will be. Cotton is light, breathable and comfortable. Cotton allows for better air circulation, which will keep your body cool and absorb body moister to aid in keeping you dry.

Another option with a jumperskirt is a bolero. Instead of wearing a blouse underneath, a summer bolero can be worn. The bolero will cover your shoulders and neck, therefore keeping to the modesty of Lolita fashion.


What is a Lolita’s main weapon against the sun? A parasol of course! A parasol is an umbrella that is designed to shield you from the sun. Since most sunscreens can stain or damage fabric, the fashionable and handy parasol can be seen through the Lolita fashion world as a wonderful alternative. 

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Petticoats and bloomers

Wearing a dress with a built in petticoat, wearing one petticoat rather than multiples or wearing a thinner petticoat rather than your extremely poofy petti will aid in keeping your heat under your skirt to a minimum.

Cotton bloomers will provide a similar advantage to that of the cotton blouse by absorbing moister and keeping you comfortable and dry under your layers of lace and poof.


A great way to keep your feet cool is by wearing over-the-knee socks or ankle socks. The cotton socks, like the cotton blouse, will create better air circulation and absorb any body moister in that area. Summer tights are also a good option, if you'd prefer something all over.

Avoid boots or any shoe type that is tall. Footwear like this will trap heat easily. Flats with minimal surface area, such as tea parties, will aid in your overall comfort in sticky summer months.

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I hope these suggestions aid you in your frilly endeavors this summer! Stay beautiful ~
                       Do you have some tips for staying cool in the summer? Post below!