Thursday, May 19, 2016

I won a Lolita art giveaway!

One of my absolute favorite Lolita blogs on Tumblr is PeacefulWorld. This blog is run by the lovely Frederica1995. She always posts great Lolita releases, coordinates and other frilly content. In addition Frederica is an artist! Her Lolita inspired illustrations are absolutely charming. Over the summer she held a Lolita art giveaway to celebrate 500 followers. I could not resist and had to participate! Even the flicker of possibility was far too exciting to pass up.
Luckily I found myself the 2nd winner of her contest!

Now I only had to decide what character or coordinate I should send her. Finally I settled on my doughnut coordinate. In her style that print would be beyond sweet! 

I did not have to wait long for a response:
 This adorable sketch was well worth the wait for sure! 
​I cannot get over how lovely this piece is from just a simple coordinate photo.

 I cannot get over how positively adorable the details of this piece are! The classic style is charming and the intricacies of the print, frills, lace and bows help to create a completely sweet portrait. I am beyond flattered that I have been captured in such an adorable light. I will treasure this piece for years to come.

​I am still so ecstatic that I won! I strongly recommend that you follow PeacefulWorld. 
Who knows, you could be the next follower contest winner!

Stay Frilly,

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