Monday, May 2, 2016

Why do I wear Loℓιтα fashion?

​It is time for another Lolita challenge topic!
This week I will answer one of the most frequent questions I personally experience in the fashion, and one that always originates from ordinary people.

Why do I wear Lolita fashion?

After all this fashion is expensive, often impractical and completely out of the ordinary. Why is it that myself and so many others find themselves dressed in such frilly splendor? While I am not able to speak for my fellow Lolitas, I can attempt to answer this query based on my own experience.

Clothes are a human necessity. In today’s society however clothes are often a complete disappointment. When I am able to find something suitable I find that the quality of the materials are poor and the cuts are less than desirable. By the time I find a piece I like it is often stretched or worn much sooner than expected. This results in another purchase and thus the cycle continues once more. 

Lolita fashion is completely different. The clothes are constructed of quality materials, the silhouette is flattering and the prints are bold! I can never get over how lovely each article of clothing is. Additionally, all of the lace, chiffon and yards of quality cotton fabric help create beautiful pieces of art. I am completely taken with the care and attention to detail that is represented with each piece of a Lolita wardrobe. All of the various designers that had a talent of transforming a sketch into a true manifestation is pure magic. The fact that I can adorn something so striking on my body for everyone to appreciate is a dream come true!

To be able to wear such gorgeous clothing makes me feel incredibly beautiful. To witness the compete metamorphose of my state from just an ordinary young woman to a lady is one that I treasure greatly. Lolita is an extravagant fashion and that extravagance allows me to get a small glimpse of what life might be like for a lady of nobility. I have a great fondness for fairy tales and period pieces, especially ones that involve the medieval or Rococo period. The lap of luxury to pursue fine dresses, art, music and language is a state that I love to daydream about. Lolita fashion is my fairy godmother. I am able to be whisked away to a beautiful world of wonder and beauty. Best of all I am able to share this power with others! I cannot find anything better than the merriment I experience while in the presence of other Lolitas while ordinary people crown us with endearments as, "princess", "my lady" and "madame". 

The ability to wear such carefully crafted lovely clothes truly makes me feel like a princess!

I am not like everyone else, so I feel more comfortable not dressing like them. Lolita is a far from ordinary fashion. Lolita fashion allows me to represent and express myself in the manner in which I feel suite me best. Since my clothes are so unique they have allowed me to meet all sorts of interesting people and I am never without a conversation icebreaker. With this fashion I can always expect something new and unexpected to come from this fashion style without having to sacrifice a complete overhaul of my wardrobe. Each Lolita clothing brand adds a new and exciting interpretation of the fashion, using the basic rules as a spring board to new and exciting possibilities! With a fashion like this how could I ever become bored?

Life is far too short to be ordinary so why should the clothes we wear be any different?
And those are my major reasons for why I wear Lolita! 

If you are a Lolita, what are your reasons?

Stay Frilly,

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