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Loℓιтα Fashion Book Review!

Misako Aoki released her Lolita Fashion Book in March of 2014. Unlike her previous book 'Sometimes cute revolution', this book promised to be more comprehensive. In this book Misako highlights Lolita styles, hair and make-up tutorials and coordinates in full color brilliance! Many Japanese brands are featured in this book such as Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World and metamorphose temps de fille.

​After months in search I finally was able to obtain my own copy!
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I made my purchase from one of my favorite online stores Tokyo Otaku Mode! This store always has goods from Japan to peek my interest. I ordered this book along with a few other goodies. My order arrived extremely quickly -- within five days in fact! Inside a carefully wrapped package I found my Lolita book.

The book cover is absolutely gorgeous. The cover is incredibly soft with a matte finish and is an excellent representation of what is inside. Misako is featured in the center adorned in her signature Sweet Lolita style. At her sides four name brand Lolita dresses can be seen. Additional Lolita accessories such as shoes are artfully distributed around her. Cascades of ribbon, frosted sweets, butterflies, birds and flowers frame the center image and further the feminine ideals of Lolita fashion. It truly is a great synopsis of what is to come! 

Inside I found 144 beautiful pages of full color Lolita splendor! Throughout the book Misako articulates the basics of Lolita fashion and goes through the main styles. I love how Misako illustrates the aspects of each particular style with plenty of examples. As you can see Misako is sure to pick a main dress piece and then explain how to coordinate the outfit with various accessories and additional clothing pieces. Each style has just as much attention to detail as the next. Whether you are a Classic Lolita or a Sweet Lolita you have a great base of examples to choose from!

Inside Misako gives step-by-step make up and hair tutorials. Numerous looks and styles are achieved and dictated in this book. I absolutely love the attention to detail in her tutorials! I also love how Misako is able to give examples and tips for each Lolita style. This just reiterates Misako's goal to have this collection be a comprehensive reference for Lolitas. With these how-to's you do not have to be concerned with your make-up or hair again!

Below you can view some additional examples of Misako's make up and hair tutorials. On the left you are able to see Misako's tutorial of how to make adorable pigtails. The fact she is holding her Pullip makes it even more charming! On the right you can see the beginning of ​a make-up tutorial for a Classic and Sweet look.

The coordinate guides even go as far to show suggestions for various weather conditions or times of the year. This particular page offers a coordinate examples for summer time, focused around an airy light coordinate and a example for the rainy season with the focus of a one-piece and kawaii sneakers.
​I love being able to sift through all the suggestions!

Each section of the book allows for the explanation of a specific style or sub-style of Lolita. I was extremely interested in my discovery of "soft lolita". I believe that this style is very similar to the "otome kei" street fashion. The goal is to make a feminine everyday style and incorporate elements of the Lolita aesthetic. As a Lolita who works full-time in a office setting, the exploration of a more casual style completely captivated my interest. ​I cannot wait to implement some of her suggestions!

I cannot be happier with my purchase. This book is beyond charming, informative, vibrant and affordable. This book would be an excellent addition to any Lolita or aspiring Lolita. I highly recommend this book!

Rating ~ 10 / 10

Stay Frilly ~

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