Monday, May 2, 2016

BJD Aesthetic Review!

There are a great many considerations when ordering a doll. One of these considerations is of course the doll's features. I adored the form of the doll I chose, but faced some difficulty in features. I was unable to order a company face up since the Obitsu brand does not release completed features. I needed to find an artist to commission. 

Luckily I came across Lauren Buitte aka TheKawaiiPhoenix on Etsy! 

Lauren was available to do the commission and even had experience with Obitsu type dolls. I was sold. Lauren was extremely easy to converse with. This truly would be my first time working with an artist but she asked the right questions and very receptive to my vision. I expressed that I wished my doll to have a "sweet" and "natural" feel. The added comfort in the knowledge that Lauren would provide in-progress photos was a huge relief. Ultimately, I settled on a similar look to one of my favorite Lolita models -- Midori.

Midori Fujiwara. Hitomi's face-up make up style inspiration.

Obitsu Misha head unpainted.
Obitsu Misha head painted commission #1.

Once Hitomi's face up was approved Lauren sent her back to me very quickly and safely. I absolutely loved the note and charm freebies that Hitomi and I received, and I couldn't believe she was finally home! Unfortunately during assembly I damaged the face up and Hitomi had a very unattractive scar. Thankfully Lauren came to the rescue! Once my eyelashes from Nomyen arrived I repackaged Hitomi, purchased another commission slot and sent her back.

I am so happy that Lauren offered to attach the eyelashes for me!

With this second face up I wanted a slightly larger smile along with white eye shadow rather than brown this time. My aim was to brighten Hitomi's eyes a bit since she has brown eyes. I really like how the overall look came out, and looks stunning with her Mako eyes. The eyebrow and lash color is spot on and matches her hair perfectly! I am beyond thrilled with how Hitomi turned out.

 I am so fortunate to have found such a stellar artist!
Just look at her wonderful faceup work and her adorable art of Hitomi ( so cute )  !!! 

5 / 5
Lauren had excellent communication before, during and after my faceup request.

5 / 5
Both of these faceups were completed with quality materials that complimented the vinyl construction of my Obitsu, and were applied with care. I received a faceup in the exactly style I wanted.

5 / 5
All of my items were shipped with care and quickly!

As my doll family grows I will be certain to send them to TheKawaiiPhoenix for their aesthetics!

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