Monday, May 2, 2016

Bloomers or no bloomers?

Now here is a seemingly innocent question, "Bloomers or no bloomers?"
Are those frilly shorts that no one sees really all that necessary?

Truthfully, no they are not.
Wait, don't get your panties in a bunch quite yet! 

​For one, modesty. Bloomers specifically are not necessary but shorts of some type are. Most Lolita brands are made for a shorter demographic. Angelic Pretty dresses, for example, run shorter than some other name Lolita brands and bloomers or shorts help to cover your assets should you need them to. There is always the occasional unforeseen wind, escalator or dress flip that you never have to worry about with the extra security underneath your frills. I always feel much more carefree knowing I have an extra layer between me and mine.

Two, depending on the style bloomers can actually help to add extra poof to your dresses! There are bloomers that have additional frills at the sides and even the backside to add additional volume. Who doesn't want more poof?

​Thirdly, they are adorable! I love the addition and detail even Lolita "underwear" possesses. On top of everything else bloomers are just another accessory to help you experience the historic and immersive feminine style of this fashion. It is another piece that makes Lolita special.

Do you think bloomers or shorts are necessary? What are your reasons for wearing or not wearing bloomers? Post your answers below, I would love to read your replies!

Stay Frilly,

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