Saturday, April 23, 2016

My Most Outlandish Dream Dress

Welcome to the second post of the 52 Lolita Challenge!

The random number generator has selected #5, which means this week's topic is:
My Most Outlandish Dream Dress

My most outlandish dream dress would not be accurate without a selection from the imaginative designers of the Japanese Lolita Fashion brand Angelic Pretty.

I interpreted this topic as the most literal definition of outlandish. Which one of my current dream dresses is "eccentric," "curious" or "unconventional"?

With my current list of dream dresses the most outlandish dress would simply be -- Wonder Cookie by Angelic Pretty.

I am completely taken with this dress! The Alice homage of tea and sweets has me captivated. Despite my current wardrobe trend of a smaller print and mild tones I cannot get enough of the vibrant Sax blue and bold print. I want to adorn this print and eat sugar cookies while I read one of my most treasured adventure stories. The print is too sweet beyond words not to love.

I would absolutely purchase this dress, and the matching accessories, in a heart beat!

What is your most outlandish dream dress? Post your answers below, I would love to hear your answers!

​See you next week with the next blog topic and Stay Frilly!

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