Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lolita trends I disliked but now I ❤!

I was first introduced to Lolita fashion in the early 2000s, specifically 2007. Since then the fashion has evolved drastically! Styles that were very "in" when I first discovered the fashion are now labeled as "old school" or have been dismissed from the fashion entirely.

Lolita in the early days often involved a go to head piece of a headdress and white as an accent color to every outfit was a common occurrence. As the fashion developed there were new trends that I could never envision adopting, but now I could not live without.

Bold Boarder Prints
​The evolution of boarder prints in Lolita fashion alone is astonishing. While we had the option of being able to wear a dress with an overall print the creation of a boarder print alone added to the transformation of Lolita.
The fashion evolved from high quality appliques to full colored boarder prints!

Polkadot Angel Pony Applique by Angelic Pretty             Chocolate Chess by Angelic Pretty
   2008                                                                                   2011  

Back in the day Lolita dresses were fairly modest with print patterns. These usually involved small floral patterns, polka dots and the like so when Lolita brands began to craft these loud, bold and full themed prints I was taken aback for sure! There was a period of unrest within the fashion as Lolitas tried to establish the difference between the fashion and costumes and this presented a glorious challenge of how to incorporate it without breaching that gap once again. Thankfully this obstacle was overcome with ease and now most of my wardrobe encompass a boarder print. I do not know how I would live without them!


 Bonnets have been used in Lolita fashion for some time, but the widespread use of them has become more mainstream. I had never before been interested in the purchase of a bonnet. I had always thought that my face was too round for such a look and I concerned that the addition of a bonnet would cause me to look far too childish. 

Oh how I was so pleasantly mistaken!

I have yet to discover a face type that this darling bonnet does not flatter. A bonnet is a charming addition to a wide variety of Lolita coordinates. I adore the homage of the Victorian style the bonnet aids to any look as well. I have a particular weakness now for full bonnets, though a half bonnet works just as well. I am so very happy to have warmed up to such a charming and essential accessory.

Wrist cuffs

Wrist cuffs are a common accessory in the Lolita fashion style. Surprisingly it took me quite some time to fully appreciate the beauty of these lace cuffs. When I received my first pair though an online Lolita trade I could not bring myself to wear them for an extended amount of time. It felt incredibly strange to have such extravagant wrists with short sleeves. It was only until I attended a Lolita meet-up that I discovered wrist cuffs could be worn a variety of ways. I found myself particularly fond of these wrist cuffs being placed over long sleeves, I style that I had adopted. Now I find that wrist cuffs are some of my most used accessories!
I hope you enjoyed this blog post! There will be another randomly selected topic the same time next week.

What are some Lolita fashion trends that you disliked at one time but now you adore? Feel free to post your answers below -- I would love to read your opinions!

Stay Filly ~

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