Saturday, April 23, 2016

Most Memorable Lolita Meet Up

It is time for another weekly blog post! This week's post makes number 3 of the 52 week Lolita Challenge. The random number generator has selected topic #41.

What is my most memorable Lolita Meet Up?

My most memorable Lolita meet up so far has to be the meet at Destination Haunt. Destination Haunt is Maine's scariest outdoor haunted adventure. The forest is staged with various terrifying scenes and features many costumed actors who's only job is to scare the living daylights out of you. There is no better way to celebrate the creep of Halloween!

When one of the admins of the Lolita group suggested this event I RSVP'd right away. I love horror. I have had a burning love for darker things for longer than I can remember, something that I am sure will reveal itself in my fashion in due time. As October slowly cascaded by I waited anxiously for my first Fall meet up.

Meet Up Date: October 19, 2013

Finally the day of Destination Haunt arrived. The plan was to meet first at a pizza place near Destination Haunt, and then all go together to the event. I was lucky enough to carpool with Rebecca for the drive! My coordinate for the night involved a long spiral curled honey blonde wig, a Alice head-eating head bow in pink, my white short sleeve blouse, pink ruffled Bodyline shoes and my frilly pink JSK. This attempt to be adorable was slightly shrouded by the requirement for my black winter coat, but sacrifices had to be made.

I met up with Rebecca to relax at her place ( and play with her adorable dog ) for a bit before we met up with the others. It was really fun to socialize with everyone and to be able to appreciate everyone's coordinate ahead of time! After a quick bite we processed to the Destination Haunt location. Despite the fact the we arrived early the place was packed! We huddled together within the line and drew out quite a few curious onlookers and the local Radio Station. While they were slightly confused on how our frills and lace could not be considered a costume them seemed to truly enjoy it. Finally, the wait was over. 

​Once our group was allowed behind the gates -- the true destination haunt began!
While I love horror and frankly the entire horror genre, I am easily startled. While the vast majority of the group moved head first into danger, the same enthusiasm could not be stated for myself. Thankfully for me by the time the other ladies had walked past the actors were curious enough to break their roles to inquire about our wardrobes! I was more than happy to answer their questions, as it deterred their attempts to jump scare me. I think we all earned some serious Lolita points since we moved about the forest -- in the dark -- in complete Lolita attire! Tea party shoes are surprisingly slippery.

In the end the entire event was truly unmatched and unbelievable! I really enjoyed being able to meet everyone and do something out of the ordinary while in such lovely attire. I like to be able to get out of my comfort zone with meet ups, and this event surely took the cake!

What is your fondest meet up? I would love to read your responses!

Until next time. 

~ Stay frilly

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