Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lolita Fashion trends I used to love.

Welcome to the first post of the 52 Lolita Blog Challenge!

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I order to keep the selection process fair and impartial I have utilized a random numbers generator in order to select topics. This week #19 gives us the topic 3 Lolita trends I thought I loved, but now I'm not keen on.

OTT Sweet
               Over-the-top sweet is the Lolita style that completely won me over. I finally crossed the line from admiring Lolita to wearing it. I had fallen completely under the spell of piles of pastel pastries, carousel prints and wild cotton candy piled hair. My ideal vision of a dress was Angelic Pretty's Milky Planet.
Suddenly my style adapted. Drastically. The Sweet Lolita style I prefer now is entirely different. While I am still hopelessly enchanted with aspects of this style my focus has shifted. I see myself as a Lolita with an interest Classic Sweet or Hime Style.
While I do enjoy the spirit of decora and over the top sweet on dolls or in artwork, it now has absolutely no place in my personal Lolita wardrobe.

Split Wigs
A very common Lolita Fashion trend that complimented the OTT craze was that of the split wig. I was particularly taken with the blonde/pink twin tail combination wig.
Now that I am no longer interested in practicing the over-the-top Sweet Lolita style my infinity for split wigs has deteriorated. My current style is, in my opinion, most flattering accompanied with a natural or solid colored wig.
Once again I find myself taken with split wigs for doll or costuming purposes, but I no longer have an interest in these two-tone wigs for everyday Lolita purposes.

               When I was first interested in building a Lolita wardrobe I believed that the cutsew was the answer to my largest fashion obstacle.
The blouses fit comfortably in all the right for at my bust line. I thought that by eliminating the entire button issue altogether I could be spared.
I was wrong. I could not fall in love with cutsews due to a basic material flaw. Jersey. A cutsew is, essentially, a t-shirt with lace embellishments. Regrettably I cannot adjust to this type of casual fabric in relation to Lolita fashion. 

And there you have it! What 3 Lolita fashion trends are you over? Post your answers below!
~ Stay Frilly!

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