Sunday, June 19, 2016

Loℓιтα Parasols: Vital or frivolous?

Parasols are an extremely common accessory in Lolita fashion. From the crowded streets of Harajuku, Japan to the tranquil shaded green of Scarborough, ME these frilly protectors are a favorite staple of Lolitas around the world. These items are so popular that the large Japanese fashion brands create numerous styles of these extravagant umbrella's in many different colorways multiple times a year!

The question that many Lolitas ask is;

Are Parasols vital,
or just a frivolous accessory?
While this question appears to be a complex the answer, in my opinion, is extremely clear.

Parasols are Vital.

I do not know what I would do without a parasol in my Lolita arsenal. I adore my brand parasol! While in truth they are one of my favorite accessories due solely on the added charm to a coordinate, the item itself is exceptionally practical in purpose and price. They are a great way to have a treasured and practical everyday piece by your favorite brand!

Why I love my Parasol

A Classic Staple

All across the world women have used parasols to shield themselves from the elements. It is always interesting to see the various styles and cultural significance these umbrellas have especially in this day in age! When I lived in Puerto Rico and Hawaii many women used umbrellas and parasols daily with more common fashion styles. While the purpose it to protect yourself from the elements, it is fun to see what style parasol someone has. A parasol with a Rococo or Victorian inspired feel is just another way that I am able to add a beautiful and practical piece to my outfit, while being able to give tribute to the eras that I love. 

Protection from the Elements

I have extremely sensitive skin, particularly when it comes to the sun and UV. A parasol allows me to hold an umbrella that protects me from the sun that does not oddly stand out from my fashion style. I have yet to find refined sunglasses to adorn. In addition to the protection from direct sunlight, the parasol allows a way to generate shade. This aspect is especially important in the summer. The generation of shade helps to diminish the chance of overheating; an exceptionally important side effect to avoid while adorned in so many layers. On snowy days a parasol is a great way to shield yourself the dampness of snowflakes!

A Beautiful Statement

Even when the parasol is not in use it is a beautiful accessory. The manufacturers take care to design the parasol to be a beautiful statement closed. I am particularly fond of the aesthetic of an Angelic Pretty or a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright parasol looks when closed. All the attention to detail, even when a parasol is closed is lovely! The way the parasol is wrapped and secured with a bow, and the way the lace inspired detailing surrounds the bottom are just two details that help to create a gorgeous look.

Of course, the largest statement a parasol can make is when opened. This is when the true lace detailing can be fully appreciated. I am astounded at the level of detail the creators are able to generate, particularly when it comes to the plastic frills! I love being able to use an umbrella/parasol with my everyday clothes to add a bit of feminine frill to my daily wardrobe. When this parasol is paired with a Lolita coordinate, however, the entire addition of a parasol becomes a bold, frilly and beautiful statement!

Where do you stand on the parasol debate? I would love to hear your stance below!

Stay Frilly,

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