Saturday, June 11, 2016

Loℓιтα styles I would love to try!

When I first discovered Lolita I completely was overtaken by this adorable, elegant and frilly fashion style. I poured over countless snapshots of Japanese street fashion and online shops for hours. The more time I spent browsing the web, the more I found myself charmed by anything in a bell or a-line silhouette. I could not get enough of any Lolita style I came across! Over time I found myself completely captivated by the allure of pastels, softness, and overall style of Sweet Lolita. Due to this and other factors, it was only natural that I pursue Sweet Lolita as my initial style.

Now that I am more experienced in the fashion there are quite a few additional Lolita styles I would love to try!

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Classic Lolita

the Regency and Victorian style

When I first began my Lolita fashion journey I could not see the appeal of the Classic Lolita style. While I liked this style on others, it was not a style I believed I would ever wish to try. Classic Lolita features a more mature Lolita style. It draws upon the inspirations of historical Victorian and Regency styles and often has a country feel. Over time I have come to appreciate the naturally subdued color palate and the more simplistic appearance. I am very eager to try this style with a piece from Innocent World; particularly now that I am able to incorporate Lolita into my everyday wardrobe!

Gothic Lolita

the Elegant and Dark style

I have always had a weakness for Gothic Lolita. This dark, elegant, Gothic and Victorian style stirs the inner macabre within the cavern of my secret heart! The designs from Moi-même-Moitié are particularly gorgeous. I would love to be able to incorporate this mature and dark style into my current wardrobe for the days I wish to be particularly dynamic and dramatic. Black would be my overwhelming color choice for this style. I am extremely excited to attempt this style as soon as realistically possible!

Hime Lolita

the Extravagant and Royal style

Hime Lolita, also known as 'Princess Lolita', is my favorite style of Lolita by far. Hime Lolita takes the typical extravagance represented by other Lolita styles and brings it to another level. This Lolita style is strongly influenced by the Rococo period and is the ultimate idealized version of a princess. This style is exactly my cup of tea! I cannot get enough of the tiaras, layers of lace, pearls and a poise befitting a true royal. Many of my wishlist items, particularly from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, would be a perfect accommodation for this particular style!


the Aristocrat and Masculine style

I have been a fan of Kodona and Ouji style from the very beginning, however, until recently, I could not envision myself in it. The more I see creative outfit coordinations for this style, the more I wish to try it myself! I cannot get over how utterly charming and versatile this Lolita fashion style is! This boy style gives a wide range of styles from a playful aristocrat to a charming prince. I adore everything from the boyish short pants to all of the fantastic hats, vests, and boots that often aid this fashion style. I have a particular weakness for pieces released by Alice and the Pirates and hope to be an Ouji to a Hime Lolita someday!

Sailor Lolita

the Classic and Nautical-themed style

Sailor Lolita is a style that I have grown especially fond of over the years. The classic style is a delightful blend of the sailor school uniform, vintage fashion styles, and the distinguishable sailor collar. When I first joined the Lolita fashion I was unsure of how to differentiate between sailor uniforms and Sailor Lolita. Now I am interested in the pursuit of my first nautical themed style dress. I am always drawn to sea themed prints so this would be able to take my admiration farther! I plan to get my first Sailor Lolita dress from the talented designers of Metamorphose in a common navy blue. I cannot wait to wear this style on a Maine summer day!

There are so many wonderful styles and sub-styles that have branched out from original Lolita fashion. What styles are you interested in trying? Which Lolita styles have you tried? 

I would love to hear about your experiences!

Stay Frilly,

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