Tuesday, July 26, 2016

5 Items every Loℓιтα needs in their wardrobe arsenal.

Lolita fashion is all about the attention to detail and key centerpieces, but there are key elements and basics that every Lolita needs in their wardrobe in order to be a success.

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Basic Blouse

A basic blouse is your best friend. Basic in this instance refers to a common color in your wardrobe, not a blouse with minimal lace or ribbon details. Just one basic white blouse for Sweet or Classic Lolita and a black blouse for Gothic Lolita can add a vast amount of versatility to your wardrobe. A basic color will match all of your Lolita skirts or Jumperskirts, so you can rest easy armed with the knowledge that you have your essentials covered. This allows you time to acquire more second layer favorites, such as skirts and Jumperskirts. A blouse with detachable sleeves allows for two blouse styles for the price of one -- bonus!

Perfect Petticoat

A petticoat is the key to the Lolita aesthetic. The trademark 'cupcake' or a line look for Lolita fashion can be achieved with this article of gathered fabric. A petticoat with a bell-shape or an a-line shape will allow for any dress or skirt to be filled and carry your desired Lolita look. In concerns to your wardrobe, a petticoat of great quality will allow you to maintain this shape for a long period time.

Prized Parasol

A parasol is a great addition to any Lolita wardrobe. While a parasol n itself is just another great way to have a token aesthetic piece to add to your coordinate, it is also a versatile tool. A parasol is a great way to stay cool in the summer and a great way to keep off snow in the winter. I find that a parasol is extremely useful when I need to pose for photos to keep the sun out of my eyes. 

Basic Bag

While a Lolita bag or purse with a distinctive shape, such as a star or a heart, is extremely tempting, nothing can beat a simple or basic style. A Lolita bag that is an adorable style but does not have a distinctive shape will be a welcomed addition to any wardrobe. One of a core color, such as white for Sweet or Classic Lolita and black for Gothic Lolita is an added bonus! This will allow for an astounding amount of versatility with your Lolita coordinates.

Fantastic Flats

A great pair of flats is great for any type of fashion, but I am even more thankful for a pair of comfortable shoes for Lolita. Long walks, shopping and photo posing can only go as long as you have the endurance for and a great pair of shoes can help! A pair of shoes with adorable details will add a cute addition to your wardrobe and keep you going.

There are my five Lolita essentials. What aspects or accessories do you consider are a must need?

Stay Frilly,

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