Saturday, May 10, 2014

So you want to be a Loℓιтα

You have been charmed by the Lolita Fashion. You have spent hours pouring over the internet to dreamily gaze at Lolita clothing and wanting to adorn yourself in all of those frills and lace. 

That is great! As far as I am concerned, the more Lolita's the better! 
Here are three big things you should know before diving in. 


Wearing Lolita takes Confidence

Before you begin constructing your first Lolita coordinate, stop and consider this first piece of advice. Lolita makes you visible. Lolita makes you stand out. You will be stared at, you will be approached and people will touch you. 

Do not fear! 

Confidence is your best friend. Being confident in yourself radiates through your clothing. The more you wear your Lolita clothing, the more you will be confident in them. When you are comfortable in the way to feel, everything else will fall into place. I have seen a staggering difference with how strangers approach me now than when I first began wearing Lolita Fashion. When I first began wearing Lolita, people would stare wordlessly at my clothes. Now most of the attention I receive is positive! People feel comfortable enough to approach me with questions or ask for a photograph. This is a very attention grabbing fashion. From an outsider prospective, you are in costume a few months, weeks, or days before Halloween. The important thing is to remember why you are dressed in Lolita fashion. You have every right to wear the clothes that make you happy and make you feel beautiful.

If the knowledge of being in the spotlight frightens you to death and you are not willing or able to make changes to remedy this, perhaps alternate fashion is not for you. I guarantee you that working up to your Lolita's goals, such as being able to wear it daily, will occur if you put some work into it! 

Still determined to wear Lolita? Good for you! Let's continue, shall we?

Lolita is Expensive  

Lolita clothing isn't Cosplay, nor is it an Old Navy special. While there are ways to make Lolita clothing more affordable, such as buying indie brands or Bodyline, it will in all likelihood be more expensive than what you are accustomed to wearing. For your first 'inexpensive' Lolita coordinate, you can be expected to pay $150 or more.

Why is it so expensive? 
Lolita fashion encompasses two key rules: Modesty and Silhouette. Modesty requires more fabric to cover your form. This means while you might be able to purchase that lovely Jumperskirt dress, you won't be able to wear it without these other components: socks or tights, shoes, bloomers (or some type of undergarment to go over your underwear) and a blouse. The silhouette rule requires that you wear at least one petticoat. A petticoat is as important as a bra in Lolita fashion. Purchasing an inexpensive one, such as one from Hottopic, will only result in a saggy dress. Investing in a good petticoat means you will obtain the required bell-shape for your ensemble to be considered 'Lolita'. 

So far you have the willingness to be in the spotlight and invest in this fashion. Excellent! You are on your way!


Lolita is always changing

This is the most important lesson of all. Lolita Fashion is just that, fashion. There will be new designs and trends emerging as the seasons and years change. And these changes are becoming faster. I began being interested in old school Lolita, back when thick headbands and black & white coordinates were popular. Nowadays, no one would be caught dead wearing these styles due to the changes that have occurred - and rightfully so! Fashion in it's nature is all about change.

It is important to keep up with fashion trends, stay informed, and attempt to incorporate elements into your style. It is very unfortunate to see Lolita's caught in a decade that has long since passed. I think that in order to keep your passion for this fashion, being immersed and open to adapting is crucial.

Plus, it means you get to try things you might have never tried before!

Congratulations! You have made it past the three important things you should know before becoming a Lolita! I look forward to seeing you in the frilly world of Lolita Beginner-chan!

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